Myster Men Add Chad Riley To Lineup

Nashville, TN, February 13, 2010 — The Mystery Men are proud to announce the addition of their newest member, Chad Riley.  Chad hails from the keystone state of Pennsylvania and is a multiple year alumnus of the Stamps Baxter School of Music (Nashville, TN).  Chad comes highly recommended by Ben Speer and Alison Durham Speer and has readily cemented his position as the newest member of The Mystery Men.  With a blue-eyed soul reminiscent to the early days of southern gospel and a vocal strength not readily witnessed in recent years, he ministers with an anointing and zeal that will truly touch one’s spirit.  Chad’s heritage comes from a mother and father who evangelized and pastored through his youth and continue to this day.  From the age of five, his talents were apparent and have led him to his new ministry with The Mystery Men.  He has already proven himself a favorite of Mystery Men fans.

Chad and his wife, Jenny, are in the process of relocating to the Nashville area where they plan to raise their son, Andrew.

The Mystery Men would like to offer our appreciation to our good friend and former lead singer, David Folenius, for his professionalism and friendship in his willingness to help us out in a pinch until the position was filled.

For more information about Chad Riley and The Mystery Men please visit The most recent release for radio by The Mystery Men, “Come On Down To The Farm,” which has been dubbed “The Most Controversial Song in Gospel Music” by industry leaders, is available for purchase at their website.