New Jesus Movie Receives Matching Donations

(August 17,2010) Even as scores of new supporters have begun to pour in from most every corner of the world (see , Malaysia, Brazil, Uganda, Nepal, Malawi… just in the last few days, a family foundation which desires to remain anonymous, has stepped forward with a pledge to match donations up to $4,000 from August 6 – 22, working through The National Christian Foundation.
“As you can guess,” remarks Bruce Marchiano, who is spearheading this groundbreaking vision, “I am EXTREMELY humbled and thankful for this family – and for everyone who has given of themselves to see the Gospel go forth in this dynamic.”
Uniquely, “Jesus… No Greater Love” is being produced as a non-profit ministry, to be funded by the collective donations of millions of believers who appreciate the need for Jesus across America and the world, and the medium of film being “the language” of today. “It is no mystery that people are reading less and less – especially young people,” Marchiano continues.  “But they do watch movies.  So for me it is a no-brainer – make the Gospel a movie, and put it on theater/TV screens across this nation and the world, dub it into the languages of the world; equip local churches, ministries, missionaries, etc., with it… and see the Lord touch lives!”
“Jesus… No Greater Love”  will be a Word-for-Word adaptation of The Gospel According to John, the vision’s foundation being that the power to change lives is not in the film – but in God’s Word, in His Gospel.  The script is currently undergoing a “final polish” to assure that the Gospel truths are brought to life in accuracy and depth that will peel back the layers of John’s Gospel as much as possible.  At the same time, the film makers are committed to utilizing the most cutting edge film technology available, making Jesus… No Greater Love truly “a Jesus movie for a new generation.”
And why would professionals volunteer, and everyday believers give, to a film production?  Because “Jesus…No Greater Love”  isn’t about generating commercial success, but about reaching souls for Jesus.  It’s about millions of youth “watching” the Gospel on iPods, cell phones, the internet, etc., and also being projected on a bed sheet in an Indian leper colony.  This is a film produced by the body of Christ to reach the world for Christ.
As believers across America and the world embrace that same passion with their support, especially in this seventeen day period of matching their donations – “Jesus… No Greater Love” will soon be coming to a screen near you! For more information, visit
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