New Music From Mark Bishop August 21

For the past decade, Mark Bishop has traveled as a soloist and we’ve benefited from the time he’s spent getting to his engagements. If you were to ask Mark where he does a lot of his songwriting, the answer might come back “Interstate 40” or some other highway or backroad.

Matter-of-fact, we did ask Mark about it. He said, “Yes, I have two writing places. Foremost, eighty percent of my songs come to me while driving, since I do so much of it. The other twenty percent is on my front porch swing here at home. I’m not much for writing in a cubicle or an office!”

As an artist, Mark is a unique Gospel music treasure, but even more so because of the many wonderful songs he’s written. We’re all beneficiaries of the blessings they bring.

A Mark Bishop song will always include spiritual depth and biblical accuracy, but occasionally he alludes to the yet-to-be-revealed joys of the sweet by and by, like he does on this album with “An Old Stone The Lord Rolled Away” and “They Can’t Receive Their Reward.” Mark also tackled the topic in previous outings in the songs “I Got Here As Fast As I Could” and “Blue Skies.”

It’s very likely Mark Bishop pulled over to write many of these outstanding new songs, and we believe you’ll be compelled to “pull over” and listen. Mark Bishop writes songs filled with heart. God’s heart.

I Can Rejoice will be available at Crossroads, iTunes, Amazon and in stores everywhere August 14, 2012.