News From Hope’s Journey

All About Family: Hope’s Journey of Heflin, AL has always been about family. From the groups inception hjwhere Vonda Easley and her daughter Ashley formed the group until its latest line-up of Vonda along with husband/wife team Jeremy and Krista Wilkes, family has always been a big part of this group. Since The Wilkes have joined the group their family has literally doubled in size with the addition of two beautiful daughters. Krista’s most recent pregnancy caused them to face many difficulties in bringing the baby to full term. With their oldest, Shelby Lynn starting activities like dancing and cheering and the new baby Sarah Kate being such a miracle baby Jeremy and Krista have felt the need to be full time parents and to take time off the road for now to tend to “family” things with the girls. Vonda Easley stated that “having had children of my own, when I saw these babies coming for Jeremy and Krista and knowing their love for family I knew this day was coming and it is bittersweet. I love Jeremy and Krista but I also know these days of childhood for the girls will never return. Hope’s Journey had become a sort of family ourselves and I hate to see J and K go but I so respect their decision as parents and completely support their decision to come off the road. Hope’s Journey will continue to minister the gospel through song and replacements will be named at a future date. Right now we just pledge to pray for the Wilkes’ and bid them Godspeed in all their future endeavors.”