Palmetto State Ends, Glass Temple Begins

PSQ 2013 PhotoNASHVILLE, TN: Larry Strickland, owner of Palmetto State Quartet, one of the longest running male quartets still touring and recording announced today that he will be retiring along with plans to retire
the Palmetto State Quartet name. However, if you have been a fan of the group in the past few years,
you’ll be glad to know that the existing members (Jeremy Easley, David Staton and DaRon Maughon) will continue on under a new name. As of October 1, the group will be known as GLASS TEMPLE, with a new recording to be released later this year.

Since the formation of Palmetto State Quartet in the 1940’s, the group has been known for musical excellence, having had legendary names in gospel music come through its doors as members. In recent
years with Larry Strickland acquiring the group, the music and style of the group definitely changed. The group has toured with The Judds and been seen on television and tour with country music superstar,
Wynonna Judd. The group naturally evolved into a more commercial sound. Much of this change in
sound in the last couple of years was due to the singers that became Palmetto State Quartet. According
to Larry Strickland, “I just found the best singers out there and allowed them to be themselves. As
a result, I believe I have assembled the best group that gospel music has heard in a long time. I have
encouraged them to continue under a new name because it would be a shame for these guys to stop
because I’m retiring. I love and fully support these guys!”

According to group member, David Staton, “I have never met anyone who loves to sing and has a
passion for this music like Larry does. We are going to miss having him on the road, but if it’s at all
possible, you may just see Larry show up at some of our dates. Larry is one of the few true living legends in gospel music and we have been honored to stand next to him and sing. Touring with Elvis,
managing The Judds and Wynonna and taking gospel music to a world stage as he has done is more than
most will ever accomplish in a lifetime.”

Cards, congratulations and well wishes can be sent to Larry at P.O Box 1327, Franklin, TN 37065. If you’d like to schedule an event with Glass Temple, you can email or call
615-385-4166. Ext. 22