Partons To Be on Canada Concert Tour in September

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Tim Parton and all of “The Partons” are a popular and sought-after music ministry for Canada concert-goers. In September, the group will be touring again in Canada. Tim, his wife, Gale, and daughter, Kayla continue to pen new songs and travel all over the country to carry their message. The family’s talent runs deep, with relatives like Dolly and Stella Parton. With, “Jonah,” the response is still climbing after Tim took the song to national radio on Patterson Promotions P.P. Vol. 8.” Promoter, Pauline Patterson, notes, “Canada is lucky to get such a gifted group singing to them! I don’t want to miss the group at NQC this year, but know they have a mission in Canada. I’m so proud of them!” For a free press kit: Ray Cooper or Evie Hawkins: More info on how to get the Partons to your area: Tim Parton 865-453-6396, Cell: 865-850-3533,