Paul Heil’s Gospel Greats Features Mercy’s Well Convention Style This Weekend

(New Recording, Songbook: Where Hymns And Harmony Live,
Celebrates A Great Musical Era)

Nashville, TN (April 7, 2010) – Convention style music is known for tight harmonies and vocal mastery. Dynamic trio Mercy’s Well, celebrates that renowned genre with a feature appearance on The Gospel Greats, with Paul Heil, this weekend. Their new album, Songbook: Where Hymns And Harmony Live, which is a part of their successful hymns series, has captured the attention of fans and radio listeners across the country with its variety of classic convention style songs with a fresh twist.

The show will feature half the album, produced by Donna Beauvais, and will include interview segments with group’s owner and tenor singer, Brad Strider, along with the other members of Mercy’s Well. There are even a couple of guest appearances from some well-known Southern Gospel bass singers to bring the element of exciting four part harmony to the mix. Some of the songs included on the project are the latest single, already charting at SG radio, “God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud,” and “He Will Surely Make It Alright,” “Life Will Be Sweeter Some Day/Sweeter As The Days Go By,” “Sin’s Dark Sea,” plus many more.

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Mercy’s Well travels nationwide and their music airs on Southern Gospel radio stations all over the country. Listen for their new single, “God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud,” from Songbook: Where Hymns And Harmony Live, wherever you hear great Southern Gospel music. The album is available in Christian bookstores across America and online now.

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