Praise Incorporated Loses Bus Engine While On West Coast Tour

FORT WORTH, Texas – Texas based Praise Incorporated is requesting help from all their friends, family and fans. While on the group’s West Coast Tour, Praise Incorporated lost the engine in their bus and is setting them back a large sum of money.

Steve Sam of Praise Incorporated said, “We were having such a great time while on our West Coast tour – singing and traveling through Nevada and California. God was really opening the floodgates of Heaven on our ministry. However, just like many times in life, right when we see God working mightily, the enemy wants to come in and disrupt things a bit.”

Steve continued, “Right outside of Bakersfield, California the hot light came on, and we immediately had to pull off the road. Unfortunately, it was already too late.  We ended up cracking both heads, and the engine is pretty much toast. We were so fortunate, and God really showed His hand in the situation. We immediately had ‘rescue’ offers from folks all over the United States, including New York, Michigan, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and more!”

“Our good friend Jim Rowlett, Chaplin for the NSRA, came to our rescue with a call from a cousin who had a relationship with several truck companies in the area,” said Steve. “Golden State Peterbilt came to the rescue in a short time. We got our estimate this week, and it looks like our initial call was right on – about $15-20,000.00 to repair.  Even in the midst of the storm you see Gods hand.  When Greg and the recovery driver got ready to pull the axles to tow it, they found the main nut that holds all that on was missing and the dual on the rear were just hanging on.”

Steve said, “We covet your prayers as we continue to raise money to get our bus back. This is our home on the road. It’s where we sleep, eat, and relax. Without it, we feel a bit lost.”

Praise Incorporated has asked for help from their friends, family, and fans in getting their bus back from California. The group is asking for 200 people to donate $100.00. The group only has about 2 weeks to raise the money by the time the bus is finished.

“So far, because of Facebook and other social networking tools, we have been able to raise a very good portion of the money – however, we still have a long way to go.”

To find out how you can help Praise Incorporated, visit their Facebook page at or stop by their website at .

About Praise Incorporated
With a focus on musical excellence and integrity in ministry, Praise Incorporated has devoted their lives to reaching the lost and encouraging the Christian, through music and spoken word.  Building on combined decades of music experience, Steve Sam, Ron Higgins, Greg Bares and Dodd Meadows have hearts for the Lord and that gives Praise Incorporated the musical excellence it strives for.