September 11, 2001: Fifteen Years Later

September 11 2001. The attack on the twin towers, NYC. Origin of picture unknown.

9/11. A date that lives on in the minds of those who were affected by it…and anyone alive was affected by it. Homeland Security was birthed and many security issues were changed. Wars were begun and more lives were lost. But for those who stared at their tv screens in horror that day, there were scenes etched on our brains that we will never forget. But let our readers tell you what they remember…

I recall getting a phone call from a coworker while wrapping up the night shift, that he had heard on a radio that New York was just hit with an attack of some sort. On my commute home I continued to listen to this tragedy unfold. It was difficult to fall asleep that morning with this on my mind because I turned on the TV. I also recall the deafening silence due to the absence of aircraft because of the “No-fly” order in place. – Rudy Hiebert
I was living in Ardmore, OK at the time. I was splitting my time between working at the office and home. I had been diagnosed May 2 of that year with Ovarian Cancer and was going thru chemo, so I was splitting my time to manage the side effects from it.That day happened to be a work at home day. I still remember watching the plane fly into the second tower live. It still seems surreal to this day. My employer’s main office was in Westbury,NY which is on Long Island,so there were concerns about their safety. I didn’t lose anyone directly but I believe we all were changed that day. — Annette Wilson
My husband and I were at the NQC in Louisville when we got the news. We checked on our kids and headed back home to TN to be with friends. — Mary Barnes
9/11 affects me because I am a Fire Fighter and I take it hard because of all of the brothers that were lost that day. — Haven Hester
American_flag-2. September 11Saw a lot of people in church the next few weeks. But didn’t see a lot of repentance. It’s slowly coming around but is it too late as we see the US crumbling because we’re dependent upon the government instead of turning to God. Psalms 118:9 — Stephen Widener
The uncertainty of what was next. Fear. The unknown of the tomorrows. — Brenda Wampler
For some the immediate danger and terrifying implications of that attack removed an innate sense of security.
9/11 Effects: Not good ones that is for sure.. IT set me on a downward spiral for over ten years..spiritually, mentally, emotionally Then physically. Anxiety, panic, depression. Which in turn led to chronic physical illness but Praise God that I have been delivered from all of that!!! I am no longer bound! He has set me free! – Dee White of Anderson, SC
How can we help those who lost someone on that tragic day?
Ground Zero: September 11
Ground Zero:

I had just arrived at a friends house to babysit her 2 kids. Her husband greeted me at the door and just said come in and sit down. Like many people I just sat in silence, seeing it, but not really registering the magnitude of it at that time. It kind of made everyone numb. There was a mass turning to God across America. That has been forgotten and people have turned their backs on God. I was not involved in it neither did I have any connection to anyone involved it. What affected me was hearing the stories later on about the reasons that some people who were supposed to be in the building that day weren’t. One person had a flat tire, one person spilled their coffee and had to go home to change. The one that touched me the most is the interview with the pilot who was supposed to be flying one of those planes that day. He knows the Lord and he explained how schedules got mixed up, and turned around and he ended up not being the pilot. I still have that interview on my computer. I can’t answer why it happened, but there are many things in life we don’t understand, but I know who we can trust in the difficult times. God is not an uncaring God, where an epic loss like this would lead some people to believe. I am saddened by the loss. The thing that sticks with me today, is the people having to call their loved ones and say goodbye. How many knew the Lord? My Pastor preaches a lot about how everything is a preparation, and there is a reason for it. It reminded me of how much we take for granted that when we leave the house in the morning, will we return. How many of us have been frustrated over looking for something, or a flat tire, or something that delays us. God could be preventing us from an accident ahead. I will never forget 9/11. Thank Him for each day and always be kind to others. You don’t know what kind of battle they are fighting. Those people who lost loved ones, are still grieving. Grieving is an individual journey, while a tragedy happens everyone rallies around but as time goes on their lives go back to normal but the one who experienced the loss doesn’t. Keep remembering their loved one over the years. They want to know you didn’t forget. — Mary Johnson (For those who want to check out that pilot’s story: You Tube Video… In My Seat, A Pilot’s Story of Sept 10-11th)

There are many heart-wrenching You Tube videos that recount further stories. We cannot post them here, but we encourage you to watch In My Seat.
At SGNScoops, our thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected personally by the events on September 11, 2001.
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