SGN Scoops’ Fast Five with Higher Ground

Higher Ground
Higher Ground

Welcome to SGN Scoops’ Fast Five! Our guests today are Higher Ground. It has been said that there is a Gospel singer under every tree in North Carolina, and this mixed trio is from that prolific state. They have been in existence since 2002, with the newest member arriving just four months ago. Tight harmony and mature vocals invoke the sound of traditional Southern Gospel, in the style of the Speer Family or the Chuck Wagon Gang.

Listen to the music of Higher Ground and you will have no doubt about the heart of these artists. They sing for Jesus and their songs reflect His love.

Let’s find out more about Higher Ground in this SGN Scoops’ Fast Five.

SGN: Tell me about the background of the group and how long you have been singing.

HG: Higher Ground was established in 2002. When we first started we were a trio and then a quartet and now back to a trio. Charlie Howard is the owner and manager of the group.
Doricia Wright has been with the group for four years and Danny Wilson has been with the group for seven months.
SGN: We would love to hear a funny road story. Share one?

HG: Well our funny story would be when we went to Pigeon Forge to sing at the Country Tonite Theater. Wewere doing a little shopping and the guys dared me to get on one of those little horses out in front of the stores. Well, you know me, I did and it was on. They laughed so hard and i did too, but you have to have a little fun now and then. They haven’t dared me to do anything else.


SGN: Can you introduce to us each member and the part they sing?

HG: The members of our group are: Charlie Howard, owner and manager of the group, is from Mt. Holly, NC. Doricia Wright sings alto and is from Gastonia, NC. Danny Wilson sings second tenor and is also from Gastonia,NC
SGN: When on the road, do you have a favorite restaurant?

HG: Our favorite restaurant is Dairy Queen.
SGN: What are some upcoming goals for Higher Ground?

HG: Higher Ground’s number one main goal is to see lost souls saved.
We want to be all we can be for the Lord and do our very best for Him for without Him we would be nothing.

Thanks so much to High Ground for being a part of SGN Scoops’ Fast Five.

Find out more about Higher Ground on their website.

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