Harmony Road logo Jan 2013.smallSIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN MAY 10, 2013:Harmony Road will again feature songwriters, the stories behind their songs and inspirational performances during a special 2 week “Song of a Lifetime” series. Award winning songwriter and “Song of a Lifetime” producer, Phil Cross is special guest co host. This weekend’s program is the second episode of the 2 part series and includes stories and performances by Cross, Tim Lovelace along with the Mark Trammel Quartet, Mark Bishop, and the Triumphant Quartet performing “You’ll Find Me There”, penned by Joseph Habedank and Scotty Inman. Other songs include “Jesus Built a Bridge”, “Can I Pray for You?” and “Old Convention Song”. Performances are from special “Song of a Lifetime” programs at the National Quartet Convention, and the intimate, acoustic video series featuring many top Gospel Songwriters. Hosted by Les Butler, the program originates from Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse in Monteagle, Tennessee. More information about The Smokehouse can be found at Song of a Lifetime DVD’s can be purchased from Harmony Road at

Harmony Road can be found each Sunday morning at 8 Eastern time on TNN/The Nashville Network and other outlets. For more times and stations, including online streaming, go to Go to for TNN stations, and for WalkTV affiliates. Other team members include Southern Gospel Musician Cody McVey providing special interviews and insights, as well as Roger Spears, Producer and Randy Liner, Technical Director.