Southern Gospel Puppy Love by Sheri LaFontaine

image(2)The song, “How Much is That Doggie in the Window?” was not written by Rusty Goodman and I’m pretty sure that Gerald Crabb didn’t pen, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” So what is this connection that Southern Gospel artists have with our four-legged friends?

           Many of them have become regular band members, touring on the bus with their favorite group or family. From the Nelons’ famous Dachshunds, to Jeff and Sheri Easter’s little Malti-poo, there is no doubt that we’ve all happily gone to the dogs. 

T-Bear WhisnantMeet T-Bear Whisnant, a T-cup Pomeranian that has simply stolen the heart of powerhouse alto, Susan Whisnant.
SL: Where did you find T-Bear?
Susan: We got him from a breeder in our hometown.

Susan Whisnant-The Whisnants
Susan Whisnant-The Whisnants

SL: And who does he sleep with on the bus?
Susan: He sleeps with me. If he’s mad at me, he sleeps with Aaron.

At NQC 2014, Randall Crawford of the Kingsmen and his sweet wife, Caroline were smitten when they met my Abbey girl. I could see that they were dog parents right away.
SL: Tell us about your pooches.
Randall: Sure! We have four, but I will focus on the two inside.
SL: Sounds good. Tell us who this is in the picture.

Randy Crawford
Randy Crawford

Randall: The white dog is Bella and she is a seven-year-old Maltese. She sleeps with my wife and I.
SL: Tell me something unique about Bella.
Randall: Well, she is NOT a lap dog. She likes to greet you when you first get image(6)home, but then she is done with you!
SL: And who is this other baby?
Randall: The little sleepy dog is Chloe. Chloe is a one year old and loves to play fetch! She will retrieve a ball and bring it back as many times as you will throw it. SHE NEVER GETS TIRED!

Going from one quartet man to another. Smooth baritone, Mike LeFevre, has a soft heart toward his canine pal.
SL: Go ahead and introduce us.
Mike: This is Icee. He is a full-blooded Chihuahua. He lives to be loved and held.

LeFevre Quartet
LeFevre Quartet

SL: Ok, you have to explain this picture.
Mike: Funny thing about Icee is when the dryer is finished, before the clothes are taken out; he has been known to jump in the dryer to lie in the warm clothes. We LOVE Icee!


True class and solid harmonies, The Williamsons have certainly won the hearts of many. All the while, a four-month-old Pug named Maggie Mae has won their hearts.
SL: She is still a baby. How is she adapting to life on the bus?

 Lisa: So far, she loves to travel! She seems to be pretty content whether her house is rolling or sitting still. When we are on the bus she thinks she has to sleep in the bunk with the girls. She’s just a little bit rotten!
SL: What’s her favorite thing to do?
Lisa: I think her favorite things right now are playing fetch with her red squeaky ball, playing outside with our other dog named Rosabelle and tormenting our cat, Isabelle!
SL: And I have to ask. Does she have a favorite person?
Lisa: Of course, I’m her favorite person (because I feed her!) but she loves our girls, Sadie and Olivia too! She was actually my Mother’s Day gift this year, so she’s pretty special to me. She was only six weeks old when we got her. She weighed 1 lb and 6 oz. now she’s a whopping 10 lbs! I’ve had several other pugs in my life but I have to say, she is my absolute favorite!
The bond between wet noses and those in the spotlight is a strong one.
The truth is, they don’t care how high your song charted last month or whether you hit a bad note on main stage. Much like our Heavenly Father, they seem to have something that we all crave…unconditional love.


MyDogsP.S. I think it only fair since I wrote this article, that I should get to show off my babies. Meet George Bailey (Shih-tzu) and Miss Abbey (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).

Sheri LaFontaine
Sheri LaFontaine

By Sheri LaFontaine

First published by  SGN Scoops in August 2015.

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