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Beckie Simmons is Living a Life-long Dream

Written by Staff on November 13, 2017 – 4:30 pm -

Beckie Simmons and Glen Bates, a dynamic duo in Gospel Music.

Beckie Simmons and Glen Bates, a dynamic duo in Gospel Music.

In Southern Gospel Music, there are some iconic female vocalists, including Mom Speer, Vestal Goodman and Lily Fern Weatherford to name a few. However, the behind-the-scenes list of female executives is sparse. Lou Hildreth and Faye Shedd have been involved in Gospel Music as agents and promoters. However, no lady has impacted Southern Gospel Music the way Beckie Simmons has to date. Her love affair with Gospel Music is heartfelt and genuine, and it started at a young age.

Simmons was active in the church where her dad and brother pastored.

“We all played instruments, sang and were very involved in the church full-time, with not only a church, but a daycare center, a printing shop, a radio program and a television show,” Simmons says. “I worked full time for the church and even taught piano lessons at the church.”

Simmons recalls the first concert she attended.

“I was featured on a local 30-minute organ show on the Southern Gospel station in our area, and one day the station manager called and asked if I would play the Hammond Organ 30 minutes prior to a Gospel concert the following week,” Simmons remembers. “I said yes. That concert featured the Rambos, the Oak Ridge Boys, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps, and the Downings. That concert I went to was promoted by Sonny Simmons. I was hooked and just fell in love with the music.”

Sonny was from Columbus, Ohio, while Beckie hailed from Louisville, Ky. In time, Sonny and Beckie became what many would call the major power couple in the music business. They moved to Nashville for their concert promotions business, Masters Promotions. They set up shop in a borrowed, one-room office.

As the business grew, Masters Promotions evolved into a full promotions company and eventually a booking agency.

“It didn’t start out that way, but artist bookings grew out of the concert promotions,” Simmons explains. “It just happened.”

Eventually, a new name was chosen, and Century II Promotions became one of the premier companies booking Southern Gospel Music in the evolution and expansion years of Gospel Music. They relocated their office to Nashville’s famed Music Row. The Simmons were in the thick of things in the music world. Their agency expanded its talent roster to include all types of musical and entertainment artists. In doing so, the Simmons worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

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Beyond The Ashes Sign Booking Agreement With Beckie Simmons Agency

Written by Staff on February 26, 2015 – 11:01 am -

Beyond the Ashes

Beyond the Ashes

Nashville, Tenn (February 26, 2015) Beckie Simmons is announcing today that talented young Gospel trio, Beyond the Ashes has reached a booking agreement withBSA/Beckie Simmons Agency of Nashville, TN, effective immediately. Beyond The Ashes consists of  Anthony Facello, Dustin Doyle, and Tyler Vestal.

Known as a group who is ministry minded, yet having some of the smoothest sounds in Gospel music, Beyond The Ashes fits well in just about any setting from churches to large concert venues.

Concerning this new agreement Anthony Facello commented, “I have been fortunate enough to know Beckie for many years. Like I felt about working with Wayne Haun I feel the same about Beckie Simmons Agency.” Continuing he said, “I always wanted to work side-by-side with such talented and driven people. I am honored to be a part of BSA. We look forward to the future and what God has in store! Thank you Beckie for believing in BTA.”

Beckie Simmons adds, “I have loved Beyond The Ashes music since their inception and have admired their work ethics for quite some time. I have long been a fan and applaud their passion for God and Ministry. All of us at BSA are excited to be a part of their Team.”

If you would like to interview Beyond The Ashes contact

To learn more about Beyond The Ashes go to or . Twitter them at .

To book Beyond The Ashes contact Beckie Simmons Agency at or call 615-595-7500 .
About Beyond The Ashes
Beyond our plans, beyond our own abilities, beyond our failures, beyond our own God-given talents, above and beyond anything we could ask or even imagine. God has a plan for each of us, to rise above the ashes and to live powerfully for Him.

When three different people come from three completely different parts of the United States and share the same strong desire and sincere call to worship and minister, then those plans, which are beyond our own, begin to come to fruition.

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 7, 2013 – 9:49 am -

freeNashville, TN: It was announced today that Freedom Quartet has reached a booking agreement with BSA/Beckie Simmons Agency of Nashville, TN, effective immediately. Freedom Quartet consists of John Rulapaugh, tenor, Dale Shipley, lead, Preston Garner, baritone and Burman Porter, bass.

Concerning this new agreement, manager John Rulapaugh states, “From my earliest days on the road with the original Dove Brothers and later with Palmetto State Quartet, I have enjoyed a wonderful friendship and working relationship with Beckie and all the BSA family. With the transition of taking Freedom from a Trio to a Quartet, plus adding my dear friend Burman Porter, it makes this decision feel all the more like moving back home!” The new Freedom Quartet website is

Beckie Simmons adds, “BSA welcomes Freedom Quartet to our family of artists. Since John and Burman have already been part of our BSA family, it feels like they are indeed coming back home! These guys have many years of experience collectively, allowing them to produce a great experience of Quartet music. Our BSA staff looks forward to working with them and being a part of their bright future!” For booking information contact BSA/Beckie Simmons Agency 615.595.7500 or visit

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Palmetto State Celebrates Number One Song

Written by SGN Scoops on September 3, 2012 – 9:16 am -

NASHVILLE, TN:  The all new vocal line up of Palmetto State was in the studio this week working on a brand new project.  The session was interrupted when Beckie Simmons, Dixie McKeithen and Melinda Hames from BSA World stopped by to celebrate the group’s recent success.  The charts in both Cashbox Magazine and Christian Voice Magazine have group’s radio single, “Moment of Grace” in the number one spot for the month of July and August.   According to group member, Paul Lancaster, “Moment of Grace is such a great song.  Every night we watch people connect with the message.  It just really gets to the heart of what Christianity is all about.  In spite of all of our faults or what we’ve done wrong, it only takes a moment to have an encounter with God’s love and that can forever change everything”.   The new Palmetto State project will be released by the end of this year.

Photo Info:

(Pictured from left to right, back row:  Palmetto State’s Casey Martin, Paul Lancaster, Jeremy Easley, Mike Allen, Larry Strickland & David Staton.  Front row: BSA World’s Melinda Hames, Beckie Simmons & Dixie McKeithen)

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Gold City has accomplished a rare feat in Gospel Music

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on June 26, 2012 – 11:15 am -

With their latest number one hit, “Peter James and John,” legendary quartet Gold City has accomplished a rare feat in Gospel Music. This single puts them in the elite category of having a number one song in each of the last four decades.

In the 1980’s, songs such as their signature classic, “Midnight Cry” took them to the top of the charts. In the 1990’s, it was hits such as “I’m Not Giving Up” that kept them at the top. When the year 2000 was just a few months old, the group scored again with “He Said,” which spent two months at the number one slot. “Peter James and John” is their latest chart-topper. If early reaction to their latest song is any indication, “Lord Of Life” will find itself at the top, too, already at #17 for August!

Along with their latest chart success comes the news that Gold City has re-signed an exclusive booking agreement with the highly acclaimed Beckie Simmons Agency. The relationship between BSA and Gold City started with the inception of Gold City over 30 years ago when Tim Riley and Beckie Simmons formed a working relationship that works still today.

Beckie Simmons states, “In my many years in this industry, I have worked with many artists. However, my relationship with Tim Riley and Gold City is not only one of scheduling, but one that is part of our family! Anyone who knows our company quickly learns that we are a family business and relationships are very important to us. So for this reason, BSA is excited to welcome back a part of our family, Tim and Danny Riley and all of Gold City. With such exciting things happening to them, we look forward to what the future holds for this Southern Gospel National Treasure, Gold City.”

On Tuesday, June 26, Gold City will be featured at an evening television taping of Gospel Music at TBN along with Jason Crabb, Adam Crabb and the Oak Ridge Boys. There is no admission charge to attend this event, and everyone is invited to be a part of this great evening that is scheduled to air on TBN Friday, June 29th at 9 p.m. central time.

For more information about or to schedule Gold City, please contact the Beckie Simmons Agency at or call 615-595-7500.

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 9, 2011 – 5:51 pm -

The DiplomatsThe Diplomats are pleased to announce they have reached a scheduling agreement with The BSA/Beckie Simmons Agency.  Though not a new group by any means, The Diplomats, have enjoyed their greatest success during the last five years.  They have been selected by Singing Magazine subscribers as a Top Ten “Favorite Mixed Group” for the past three consecutive years!
The Diplomats travel with a complete “live band” and convey a energetic, driving musical style.  The Carrollton, Georgia Family group is fast becoming a favorite at concerts nationwide.  Beckie Simmons adds
“It is my experience that audiences love a family group that have all the components for the stage:  family members, live band members and a crowd pleasing sound filled with excitement!  The Diplomats have all this and more!  We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this group!”
For booking information call BSA/Beckie Simmons Agency 615-595-7500 or visit

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