Gold City has accomplished a rare feat in Gospel Music

With their latest number one hit, “Peter James and John,” legendary quartet Gold City has accomplished a rare feat in Gospel Music. This single puts them in the elite category of having a number one song in each of the last four decades.

In the 1980’s, songs such as their signature classic, “Midnight Cry” took them to the top of the charts. In the 1990’s, it was hits such as “I’m Not Giving Up” that kept them at the top. When the year 2000 was just a few months old, the group scored again with “He Said,” which spent two months at the number one slot. “Peter James and John” is their latest chart-topper. If early reaction to their latest song is any indication, “Lord Of Life” will find itself at the top, too, already at #17 for August!

Along with their latest chart success comes the news that Gold City has re-signed an exclusive booking agreement with the highly acclaimed Beckie Simmons Agency. The relationship between BSA and Gold City started with the inception of Gold City over 30 years ago when Tim Riley and Beckie Simmons formed a working relationship that works still today.

Beckie Simmons states, “In my many years in this industry, I have worked with many artists. However, my relationship with Tim Riley and Gold City is not only one of scheduling, but one that is part of our family! Anyone who knows our company quickly learns that we are a family business and relationships are very important to us. So for this reason, BSA is excited to welcome back a part of our family, Tim and Danny Riley and all of Gold City. With such exciting things happening to them, we look forward to what the future holds for this Southern Gospel National Treasure, Gold City.”

On Tuesday, June 26, Gold City will be featured at an evening television taping of Gospel Music at TBN along with Jason Crabb, Adam Crabb and the Oak Ridge Boys. There is no admission charge to attend this event, and everyone is invited to be a part of this great evening that is scheduled to air on TBN Friday, June 29th at 9 p.m. central time.

For more information about or to schedule Gold City, please contact the Beckie Simmons Agency at or call 615-595-7500.