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Roger Barkley, Jr., asks, “Why wait to praise?”

Written by Staff on July 21, 2018 – 1:43 pm -

Praise him even in the dark hours

Praise him even in the dark hours

As a writer many times I pull from personal experiences to write about. One of the many things over this almost half-century I have found is that no matter what, we must continually praise God.

We praise him in the bad times as well as the good.

I have heard it said – and even said it myself: “I can’t wait to get to Heaven to praise Jesus for eternity!”

Praising Jesus for eternity is a great and awesome opportunity.

While I cannot wait to get there, and it seems to be any day now, I had a thought, during a sermon, that inspired yet another song.

Once we get to Heaven we will have a glorified body with no pain. We will have a clear mind with the understanding of why we went through the things here on Earth. We will be reunited with our loved ones and have our tears wiped away from our eyes by God himself.

Thus, it will be an easy opportunity to sit around God’s throne and give him all the praise he richly deserves, and worship with the great cloud of witnesses. It will be easy to raise our hands in praise with great musicians that have gone on before and who paved the way for us in music.

Roger Barkley Jr.

Roger Barkley Jr.

So, would it not, therefore, be more pleasing to God, if we gave him praise now in the things going on in our mundane lives, whether good or bad?

Wouldn’t it mean more to him if we showed our gratitude to him by giving our worship when we don’t have our glorified body and mind?

So why wait to praise him?

By Roger Barkley, Jr.


The award-winning trio, 11th Hour, urges us to praise in their charting song, Silence the Stones. We hope you enjoy it!

Roger Barkley, Jr., is a writer for SGNScoops Magazine.

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Roger Barkley Jr. releases Good Ole Days

Written by Staff on October 21, 2016 – 3:58 pm -

Roger Barkley Jr. new release

Roger Barkley Jr. new release

SGNScoops caught up with Roger Barkley Jr to ask him a few questions about his ministry and latest release to national radio entitled, “Good Ole’ Days.”

SGNScoops: Roger, what have you been up to in the recent months?

Roger: Since graduating in May with my degrees in Web Design, Graphics, and Video Editing, I have been putting my education to use in our ministry and continuing to evangelize with my family.

We have been seeing souls and lives changed by God. A true blessing.

SGNScoops: We know radio has been playing your music. Is there a new song coming soon?

Roger: I have been busy working on releasing our new single and title track “Good Ole Days,” produced by Shane Roark on Mercy Road Records at Chapel Valley Music. I love those guys.

SGNScoops: Tell us a little about the song.

Roger Barkley Jr.

Roger Barkley Jr.

Roger: The song started out about telling about how I grew up on the farm, the way I was raised and worked hard, where a hand shake and a man’s word meant more than a written contract. It talks about how we used to come together as families and such. As my wife is quick to point out when someone mentions the song, those are all great things, but if we miss the point of the song, in that turning back to the “Good Ole Days” needs to include turning back to the God of the “Good Ole Days,” we have missed the entire meaning of the song.

SGNScoops: That is great advice for the shape this country is in and we wish you well with this song.

Roger: Thank you. We are releasing it nationally and since it is technically classified Inspirational Country we are hoping secular stations may pick it up as well. We love playing at and to churches but want to let the rest of the world hear

Dianna and Roger Barkley Jr.

Dianna and Roger Barkley Jr.

our story as well.

SGNScoops: Your music sounds like it fills up your schedule. Is there anything else that occupies your time?

Roger: While I am not on the road I am privileged to lead worship at Leestown Gospel Church in Frankfort, KY on Sunday Mornings and Redemption Road Community Church in Stamping Ground, KY on Sunday Afternoons. I, my wife Dianna and daughter Chelsea are continuing our education. They are going for their Masters in Counseling, while I am chugging away at my Bachelor of Arts.

I have said it before that there is no such thing as a solo ministry. I cannot nor could not do this by myself. I know I have God on my side, but having a family that supports you and helps you makes life better in so many ways. I thank God for my wife, for my other three children (Derrek, Melinda, and Amanda), for my Mom and Dad that raised me, my pastors and their wives and even my dumb brothers who you will hear me tell stories about from the stage daily. Family is

Dianna, Chelsea and Roger Barkley Jr.

Dianna, Chelsea and Roger Barkley Jr.

important to me.

SGNScoops: It sounds like you are a thankful man.

Roger: I’m very grateful that God has allowed me to do what I do. Back when we were doing over 250 dates per year (sometimes three per day), I would hear, “we gotta go” or, “we have to go.” My mind set is we “get” to go. We have the best story that was ever told. The greatest Man that ever lived. He did all of this for us and until my last breath I will be proclaiming His name in some way, with some music, media, in some type of venue somewhere, as long as people will listen to my voice.

SGNScoops: What’s coming up next for Roger Barkley Jr and your ministry?

Roger: My wife and daughter started a ministry called Measures of Hope that crochets prayer blankets, prayer shawls, and hats for those needing prayer. From babies in NIC Units, Cancer patients or ones who have lost loved ones or going through hard times, this simple ministry has had items reach around the world. I said that to say this: We are coming into a time of the year when people will be gathering around tables for many different holidays. We are heavily involved in

Dianna, Chelsea and Roger Barkley Jr.

Dianna, Chelsea and Roger Barkley Jr.

our local communities with helping people see that we have the ONLY Hope that there is in this world. That hope is Jesus. Our Hope is in Him. It’s not about recognition and fame. It’s not about how many followers you get on social media. If they do not have HOPE and do not see the hope in your life, then you need to examine yourselves.  Lamentations 3:40

Let us test and examine our ways, and return to the Lord!

SGNScoops: Thank you for time Roger. How can people reach you or get your music?

Roger Barkley Jr.

Roger Barkley Jr.

Roger: All contact info is on my website at or  or call our office 502-382-8299 – all music can be purchased or downloaded there as well as on CD Baby  Itunes and Amazon.


Roger Barkley Jr. writes a column for SGNScoops magazine.

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