Terry Collins featured on SGN Scoops’ Fast Five

Terry Collins
Terry Collins

Chapel Valley recording artist, Terry Collins, is playing SGN Scoops’ Fast Five today. This talented soloist plays many

Terry Collins and family
Terry Collins and family

instruments and traveled with The Gibsons for eight years. Now into his second year as a solo artist, Collins has already had three songs on national Southern Gospel charts. Based in Sneedville, Tennessee, he travels throughout the surrounding States singing the Good News in a Country-flavored, Southern style. You may recognize such songs as “Some Things Never Change,” and “I Need To Pray.”


Find out more about Terry Collins now on the SGN Scoops’ Fast Five:


SGN: At what age did you began singing, and when did you know God was calling you into the ministry?

Terry: I started singing Gospel music around the age of 20. I thought I had gotten saved at an earlier age, but I idn’t get saved until I was 30. I felt the call in 2006 when I started singing with the Gibsons. But back in March of 2014, I believe God called me into a greater call when I stepped away from the Gibsons, and began my solo ministry.

Terry CollinsSGN: Will you please share your testimony with us?

Terry: I grew up in Maryland and I didn’t go to church much. When I was 18, I had a friend call me up and witness to me and asked if I wanted to get saved. I said sure, but there was no conviction at that time. So I thought I had gotten saved and lived that way for 13 years. But back on April 4, 2001, conviction had set in after years of being unsatisfied with my salvation experience. God saved me by His marvelous grace.

SGN: How can someone book you?

Terry: They can visit my website at  www.terrycollinsministries.com, call me at 423-300-8710, email me at terrycollinsministries@gmail.com or visit me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/terry.collins1970.

SGN: Will you please ell us about your family?

Terry: I have been married for 21 years to the most wonderful woman in the world. (Mechelle Collins.)  I have two wonderful children. Jordan is 17. He plays guitar on stage with me and does some singing.  He also got saved recently after being troubled about it for quite a while. He also helps us drive. Makayla Collins is our 14-year-old daughter. She plays a cajon drum with us and also sings.  My wife sings as well.

Terry Collins and family
Terry Collins and family

SGN: Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Terry: My family and I enjoy going to the beach, but we also like going to different cities, either big or small, and walk around and take pictures.

Thanks so much to Terry Collins for participating in SGN Scoops’ Fast Five. Please click on Terry’s website for more information on his schedule and how to book this gentleman for your musical event.

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