The Kendricks Join Mic Check One

The Kendricks
The Kendricks

Grove Hill, Alabama (July 31, 2018)- Mic Check One is excited to announce the first artist on their Country gospel roster, the Kendricks. They are a Country gospel group, located in southwest Alabama, consisting of Johnny Kendrick, Billy Kendrick, and Sharon Lankford.

The Kendricks’ ultimate goal is to bring glory to God through their music, specifically by being a part of fundraising endeavors for churches, charity organizations, civic groups, etc. They have been singing since 1996, and have recorded nine projects, all of original music, which Billy and Johnny write.

The Kendricks sign with Mic Check One
The Kendricks sign with Mic Check One

Andrew Brunet, the owner of Mic Check One Agency, says, “The Kendricks are an awesome group that fans will fall in love with, as their music carries a message that resonates with the believer in such a way that will have you clapping your hands, and lifting your hands, as you are reminded of the great things Christ has done for you in your life.”


For those who may not be familiar with the Kendricks, they are located in Grove Hill, Alabama. They are a national recording artist of 65/40 Records, a division of Daywind Music Group. They also travel with a live band consisting of Chris Kynard, Jay Seale, and Anthony Sullivan. Many listeners will love their music as they share positive, encouraging messages with a Country gospel flair.


Johnny Kendrick shared this about joining Mic Check One: “The Kendricks were the first group to join 65/40 records. We are also delighted to be associated with the others who have joined the label, and then, to also be a part of Mic Check One Management. We feel like we are partnered with other like-minded artists who are part of a greater effort to grow the Kingdom of God through Christian Country and Country Gospel music. We are thankful to God for his blessings and for the opportunities he has given us to proclaim his name for the last 22 years.”


For more information about the Kendricks, you can visit their website.


For booking inquiries, you can give Mic Check One Management Agency a call at (803)-374-4069 or you can send an email to

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