The Mark Dubbeld Family Singing For God, Family and Country

Nashville, TN-  Mansion Recording artist, The Mark Dubbeld Family, continue to experience new opportunities that introduce fans to their ministry as they sing for God, family and country.
From performing on the main stage of the National Quartet Convention to being added at the 2012 Fall Harvest Celebration at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and taking part in the Family Foundation Gala in Richmond Virginia, this family is rejoicing in what God is doing.
The Family Foundation was founded to strengthen families in Virginia by applying principles and faith to policy and culture.  The organization seeks to establish through citizen of advocacy and enactment of Virginia law a safe, prosperous and wholesome climate for families.  All of its policy decisions are based on the principles of life, marriage, parental authority, constitutional government and religious liberty.  The annual event to raise funds for the organization featured the solo artistry of Mark Dubbeld, of the Mark Dubbeld Family, and was lead by the keynote speaker:  Former Presidential Candidate Senator Rick Santorum.
November 1, Mark Dubbeld will be the featured solo artist for a Renewanation luncheon and banquet hosting Lt. Col. Oliver North. He will sing songs of faith as well as patriotic tunes, including, “Sound of Freedom,” from the groups latest recording, and written by his wife, Janene.
Mark states, “It is my privilege and honor to sing for God, wherever He opens the door.”
The latest single by The Mark Dubbeld Family, “Inside The Gate,” from their Mansion Recording On With Praise is seeing exceptional airplay on many stations nationwide including XM Sirrius Enlighten and has reached the #32 spot on the December Christian Voice Top 40 chart. 
To reach the Mark Dubbeld Family for concert appearances or to order their product you can reach them at 540-293-8467 or by their website at