The Mystery Men Usher In New Era with Name Change and Re-branding

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (September 14, 2011) – The Mystery Men are excited to usher in a new era for the group with a new name and branding! The group announced their new name today in Louisville, Kentucky during the National Quartet Convention. Fans and industry personnel alike were on hand when the group announced their new name as Mark209!
Jym Howe, owner of the group, is excited about this fresh start for Mark209. “We have put a lot of time and prayer into this new name. We appreciate the input from our fans, one of whom gave us this idea for a name.  Mark209 is not only a Biblical reference, but it also has symbolic meaning for the group.”
In addition to Howe, Mark209 consists of Nathaniel Justice, Joe Armstrong, and newest member Jimmy Reno.
The brand new Mark209 website will be launched later this month. You can find the group on Facebook for the time being at  .
Mark209 will be entering the studio soon to record their debut album under the new name. More information will be released on that at a later date.
The group will be giving away a set of four previously released recordings (Grassroots, Blue Collar Gospel, Biblically Correct, and Sing It Again) every week through the end of the year. To be entered into the drawing, text “Mark209” to 90210. When individuals have entered the drawing once, they will be included in every subsequent drawing afterwards.
About Mark209
Mark209 is one of the most exciting Gospel quartets touring the country today. The intricate harmonies, detailed arrangements, energy, and versatility place this group in a league of its own. In a time when mediocrity is widely accepted, this group has raised the bar and exceeds everyone’s expectations. The group consists of Jym Howe, Nathaniel Justice, Joe Armstrong, and Jimmy Reno.