The Nelons and Jeff Stice coming to Shiloh Hills Baptist Church

AA - FLYER APRIL 18 NELONThe Nelon Get Together is April 18 at 6:00 pm at Shiloh Hills Baptist Church, 75 Hawkins Store Road, Kennesaw, GA.  Why did it get that name? Well, that’s just what it is.  The Nelons and Todd Nelon Trio, just in case you don’t know Kelly and Todd are brother and sister.  Todd and Kelly both sang with their Dad Rex Nelon. Special Guest that evening will be Jeff Stice who played piano for The Nelons for four years.  Dan Clark will be there singing bass.  Dan sang bass for 4 years with the group when Rex retired.  Also that evening Mark Fuller will do some Eva Mae LeFevre style playing for your pre-concert enjoyment.  Rex and Kelly Nelon both sang with the LeFevres.  Rex sang bass with them for 20 years and took over the group in 1997 when Eva Mae retired and renamed the group.
Tickets are $20.00 – but if you purchase them before April 5 they are $15.00.  You save by ordering them early.
May 30 – Triumphant Quartet and Soul’d Out Quartet
June 27 – Quartet and Jeff Stice
August 22 – McCray Dove Band and Joymasters
November 21 – Chuck Wagon Gang and Davis Trio – NOTE THIS WILL BE A 2:00 PM CONCERT to give folks that can’t drive at night the opportunity to see this group that they remember from their childhood days.
To order tickets send self-addressed stamped envelope along with check payable to Robert York to the address below.