The Williamsons Take On New Role As Warriors


Weleetka, OK (July 6, 2015) The award-nominated Williamsons travel around the world sharing the Gospel message through music, but this doesn’t keep them from forgetting their home town of Wetumka, Oklahoma.

Summer is always filled with sounds of laughter and children playing in the beautiful sunshine. It’s also the time you will experience the sights and sounds of baseball. This summer The Williamsons sponsored a Kiwanis Little League team called The Williamsons Warriors.

Their coaches, Melissa and Jonathan Sorrell had this to say about the team, “Our 2015, age nine and ten baseball season was fun but came with challenges too; it’s called rain and rain outs! We feel our team did very well and made the most of every opportunity to practice, even during rain out weeks. As a team they learned to trust each other more and help in their weaknesses and share strengths. We learned more fundamentals about pitching, catching and stealing bases that will help them in their years to come. As coaches, we had a great time teaching them, building relationships with them, and supporting them. It was a lot of fun. We started with 11 boys and ended the season with 9, so most games we had just enough to play. The sponsorship of the Williamson’s was a blessing to us and our team. We are the Wetumka Williamsons Warriors!”

Wetuma Williamsons Warriors
Wetuma Williamsons Warriors

Donnie Williamson, baritone and manager of The Williamsons said, “We are proud of The Warriors and appreciate the hard work and dedication shown by them and their coaches. I’m so glad we could be a part of their 2015 season.”

The Williamsons believe that part of being a Christian witness is to reach beyond the concert halls and give back to their home community and this is just one way that they are able to give back and let their hearts show that they love people beyond just their singing ministry.

In other news for The Williamsons their current radio release has stayed in the Top Ten at number 4 on the Absolutely Gospel Music Weekly Chart. This is the second straight release for them to break into the top ten.

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About The Williamsons

The Williamsons began sharing the Gospel through music in 1998 as The Homesteaders Quartet. The dream of Donnie Williamson was to form a group to sing classic Gospel music on a limited basis. What he wanted to do never occurred. From the group’s onset their demand was overwhelming. Soon they were performing more than 100 dates a year. For the past several years The Williamsons have been in full time Christian ministry and entertainment and have traveled across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Their music has been in national charts and were they honored to be nominated  for Breakthrough Artist and Favorite Group awards at the Absolutely Gospel Fan Awards. Absolutely Gospel also named them as one of the Top Ten Groups to Watch, as well as  in the Top Ten for Best New Mixed Group in the Singing News Fan Awards.

Their high energy musical style appeals to people of all ages. The versatility of The Williamsons is evident through the wide variety of musical styles they perform. There is always something for everyone. The marketing of their performances targets families and not just fans of any particular type of music. Spending an evening with The Williamsons is sure to be one that will lift you up, bless you, and entertain you all at the same time. Their primary desire is to share the Gospel in such a way that those in attendance who do not know Jesus Christ will come to know him before the program is over.