Update On Jeff Whisnant

Update On Jeff Whisnant
Update On Jeff Whisnant

Update On Jeff

Ok….first of all, thank you all so much for praying for Jeff. This afternoon while in Cold Springs, KY. Jeff was complaining of a bad headache. Shortly after, his vision started to fade in the right eye. We immediately took him to the ER. Doctors took several tests and showed it wasn’t a stoke or an aneurysm. Doctors then determined his right eye was not flushing out fluid that it’s designed to do, thus the pressure kept building up. Doctors stated that if we hadn’t taken him to the ER when we did, he would have lost his sight in that eye. Jeff is now out of surgery and resting. He will have to have the same surgery in his left eye as well. Thank you so much for your prayers and continued prayers. We will keep you posted.


Also From The Whisnants

Hey friends…thanks again for your prayers. Jeff is recovering well and resting. We have 2 more dates scheduled this weekend. Jeff may not be singing but we will be fulfilling these dates. Thanks again…God Is Good!

14th Ave Gospel Chapel
Parkersburg, WV. 7pm

Heritage Baptist Church
Ashburn, VA. 9:15 & 10:15am

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