Update on Josh Townsend of Legacy Five

Josh Townsend of Legacy Five
Josh Townsend

Sunday night, March 29, 2020, we asked our readers to pray for Josh Townsend of Legacy Five. The talented young pianist suffered two seizures that night, after a full year without any seizures.

Legacy Five have been giving updates on Josh’s health and also reposting reports from Josh’s mother, Kevalyn Townsend. Kevalyn says:

Update 03/30/2020:

Last night, I had to make a decision about Joshua’s health that I couldn’t have imagined having to make 2 months ago!

After Joshua’s second seizure, I had to decide if I was going to take him to the hospital, knowing that we could be separated for an indefinite amount of time AND risk exposing him to COVID-19, or keeping him home and monitoring him. I had to decide if the risk of a brain bleed/injury was less deadly than COVID-19 exposure. Joshua’s neurologist told me that he would support my decision either way, but he wouldn’t make the decision.

Pray For Josh Townsend
Pray For Josh Townsend

Knowing that I had the support of other acute care nurses, and knowing that I had immediate access to several physicians including Joshua’s neurologist overnight, I made the decision to keep him home and monitor him.

I am blessed to report that he made it through the night without another seizure and he has no obvious signs of an acute brain injury. His back, head, and hand hurt from the fall and he chewed his tongue during the seizures so, his tongue is swollen and sore, but other than the “expected” pain, he appears to be doing well. I’m pretty sure that he is really tired of me shining a light in his eyes every hour to check his pupils and asking him orientation questions!
Today, we will follow up with his neurologist and PCP to develop a plan of care. I’m sure it will include a head CT and blood work, as soon as we can get it scheduled.

We want to thank everyone for the love and support shown through texts, messages, phone calls, and prayers!! This isn’t an easy journey for Joshua but he knows he doesn’t have to walk it alone!! ❤️

Please keep him in your prayers!
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Update 04/01/2020

Joshua’s head CT was unchanged – no bleeding or additional injury. His hand X-ray didn’t show any fractures, just some soft tissue swelling. We are still waiting on his blood work to determine if his medication level is therapeutic or if we need to titrate up. He is sore from the fall and his tongue is still swollen but he is on the uphill swing! 🙌🏼
He will be posting a video sometime today to thank everyone for your love and support!! ❤️
Please keep him in your prayers. 🙏🏼

Legacy Five with Scott Fowler at the helm
Legacy Five

We encourage all our readers to keep praying for Josh and his mom, and of course all of the members of Legacy Five.