Valor III Visits The Gospel Greats Studios With Paul Heil

Statesville, NC- On a recent trip to Pennsylvania, popular trio, Valor III had the opportunity to meet with Paul and Shelia Heil of The Gospel Greats Program.  “It was really a dream come true of mine, to see where the radio program that I have listened to for so long is produced,” says Mark Moore, baritone vocalist for Valor III.  The ministry of Valor III is unique in that lead vocalist, Jeff Rowland is an ordained minister and preaches several revivals each year in the midst of the trio’s busy schedule.  Jeff says, “It is truly a humbling experience to travel and be able to do what I love and what God has called me to do, sing and preach!”  Valor III spent Friday evening in Lancaster County at the nearby Landisville Campground where the group sang and Jeff preached.  The trio is quickly gaining popularity in the Midwest as well as the Southeast.  They have been promoting their latest recording, Keep On Singing and their current single, “When The Heavens Opened”.  Be on the lookout for Valor III and their new single soon to hit radio stations, “How Great Is Our God.”