Williamsons feature in SGNScoops On The Road

The Williamsons
The Williamsons: Donnie and Lisa Williamson, Karl Rice, Darin Hebert

SGNScoops is “On The Road!” SGNScoops Magazine writer Robert York had the opportunity to spend some time with the Williamsons last weekend. The group traveled all the way from Weleetka, Okla. to be in Georgia. Saturday night was the 75th birthday concert for their friend James Wright of the Wright Family. Also that evening, the Wright Family performed as well as David Gresham. In addition to Donnie and Lisa Williamson, the group includes Darin Hubert and Karl Rice.

The Williamsons
The Williamsons and hosts of Gospel Music USA, Karen Peck, Danny Jones

Donnie Williamson let me know that they would be at Southern Gospel Weekend coming up in Oxford, Alab., March 1, 2, 3. They also had their daughters with them. Monday morning they were scheduled to tape two TV programs for ‘Gospel Music USA’ which is hosted by Danny Jones, Mike LeFevre, and Karen Peck. I met the group with Danny Jones at Cracker Barrel for breakfast before the taping, enjoying a lot of joking and fun. You get Danny and Donnie together and you are in for a treat.

On to the tv station for the taping which was scheduled to start at noon. They taped the two programs and the interviews were just as much fun as breakfast. Also at the taping, the daughters and Lisa sang as a trio together. Gospel Music USA is aired on WATC-TV, which is available in the Atlanta area and also on the internet at www.watc.tv.

The Williamsons have produced more than a dozen recordings, performing material that is mostly written by Lisa and Donnie. They have been nominated in the Top Ten Best Mixed Group across the nation and have had several top 10 songs.

WilliamsonsMake your reservations and pack your bags and come to Oxford, Alab., on March 1, 2, 3 and be the Williamsons and many other great Gospel groups. For more information on Southern Gospel Weekend click here.

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