Andy Tharp Joins Ball Brothers

Chickamauga, GA – A couple of years ago we requested your prayers for Stephen and explained his hearing condition. Stephen states, “First of all I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. We’ve known for a couple years that my singing days could be limited because of my hearing condition. After struggling with constant migraines over the past several months, I began to pray and ask God for His direction. Following God’s leading, I am resigning from the Ball Brothers. I will file paperwork to change my last name immediately. Okay, maybe the name change is taking things too seriously. All kidding aside, I feel the Lord is leading me into full-time youth ministry. I want to thank Andrew, Daniel, Josh, Gibson and Cody for putting up with me the past six years. I whole-hardheartedly believe in the ministry of the Ball Brothers and will be one of their biggest supporters. I also want to say, “thank you” to all of the friends I have made while out singing.”

How do you replace a brother? You can’t! Believe us, we asked Mom and Dad – shared with them stories of Abraham and they just laughed. Although we are all saddened to see Stephen come off the road, we are excited to see the opportunities God is opening for him and us. It didn’t take long for us to know who would be the next member of the Ball Brothers, our long-time friend, Andy Tharp. “The first time I sang with Andrew and Daniel in church we were all under 10 years-old,” says, Andy. “I’ve filled in with the guys several times and look forward to being with them full-time.” Daniel states: “I honestly think we could have saved the trouble of a press release and just swapped Andy as Stephen and most people wouldn’t have known the difference. They look alike and sound alike.”

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