Angela Primm Initiates Kickstarter For New Memorial Project

angela primmNashville, TN (September 18, 2014) Angela Primm is no doubt known for being the most successful backup singer in the recording industry throughout all of Nashville. You have her melodious voice on such recordings as Reba McEntire, Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Andre’ Crouch, Barbara Mandrell, Patti Austin, Bill Gaither, and even the late Vestal Goodman. This phenomenal singer who has sung as backup for some of the greatest singers in the world is poised to enter that same arena as a powerhouse Gospel singer in her own right.

After Bill Gaither tapped her on the shoulder and designated her as one of his featured soloists on his famous Gaither Homecoming Videos, it was evident that the time had come for Angela to stretch herself and produce a major recording of herself.

What better atmosphere to record in than the songs of one of her heroines, namely mega-star herself, Mahalia Jackson. Mahalia Jackson was known for being able to sing the simple songs of the Gospel and bring them to life with her spirited singing. No one can bring as much enthusiasm to Mahalia Jackson’s songs than Angela Primm. Angela will be bringing the old standard hymns and spirituals with all the dignity they deserve, yet adding her own personal touch which is sure to rapture your soul to new heights of ecstasy.

Now for a couple of stark facts. Angela is not one of those artists born with a silver spoon in her mouth, nor does she have a big record label to finance this exciting project. The truth is recording such a monumental project as this requires money, and a good bit of it. Producers, engineers, musicians and studios all have to be paid at the time of the recording.

This is where you come in. Angela Primm needs your help and support to accomplish this enormous task. The total cost of this memorial project, which is sure to touch the lives of millions of souls, is $28,000.00. That sounds like a tremendous amount, but in actuality if Angela’s friends and fans who believe in what she does will help just a little, this mountain can become a molehill.

The Kickstarter program allows you to be a vital part of the ministry of Angela and also allows you to get a much greater insight into who and what Angela is. There will be many surprises for you the supporters as well as some very nice benefits. How would you like to give a private concert for you and your close friends in the Nashville, TN area? How would you like to have Angela sing Happy Birthday to you or one of your loved ones on the phone, the day of that big birthday? How about on your anniversary? A lot of very exciting things will be happening as a result of this Kickstarter program, plus you will be helping Angela go on about doing the Father’s business.

Your time to help is NOW!!!!!!

Click the link below to help Angela TODAY!!!!!

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$10 – MP3 download of a song from her current CD

$25 – A signed copy of one of Angela’s previously recorded CD’s (you choose which one) and a personalized hand-written Thank You note from Angela.

$50 – An ADVANCE copy of the NEW CD and a personalized hand-written Thank You note from Angela.

$100 – INCLUDES an ADVANCE copy of the NEW CD, an autographed picture and a personalized hand-written Thank You note from Angela.

$250 – Want Angela to personally call you on the phone and sing your favorite song to you? Here’s your chance! INCLUDES an ADVANCE copy of the NEW CD and a – Includes personalized hand-written Thank You note from Angela.

$500 – Personalized video greeting from Angela and her singing a song of your choice! Includes an autographed Angela Primm picture, an autographed copy of the NEW CD as well as her current CD and a personalized hand-written Thank You note from Angela.

$1000 – (Limit 6) Be in the studio as Angie records the new project. A view from behind the scenes for one day. Includes an autographed copy of the NEW CD as well as her current CD and a personalized hand-written Thank You note from Angela.

$2500 – (Limit 4) Here’s your chance to have Angela sing LIVE at your church! Angela will come to your church and perform a concert and/or perform as part of the worship service, whichever you desire. (within 250 mile radius of Nashville) Also includes a private meeting before the concert for you and a few close friends as well as an autographed copy of the new CD.

$5000 – (Limit 2) Not close to Nashville but still want Angela to sing at your church? Here’s how! Angela will visit your church (anywhere in the continental US) and perform a concert and/or perform as part of the worship service, whichever you desire. (Travel and lodging accommodations INCLUDED) This also INCLUDES an autographed copy of the NEW CD.

$10,000 – (Limit 2) WOW!!! Come to Nashville and spend the day with Angela! She will show you around Music City and take you on a tour of one of Nashville’s famous recording studios! INCLUDES an autographed copy of the NEW CD. (you must provide your own travel and lodging) Your name will be printed in a special thank you section inside the CD booklet of my new album.

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If you would like to book Angela for you church or concert E-mail her at or Twitter her at .




About Angela Primm

Angela Primm is one of the premier voices of our time. Her musical history spans genres, continents, and audiences. She has commanded the attention of mega-stars from Aretha Franklin, Barbara Mandrel, and Brooks and Dunn to Southern Gospel music legends, Dolly Parton, and the late Vestal Goodman.

Angela’s background is what dreams are made of, and she is only beginning to step into the fullness of her purpose. Singing behind musical geniuses, Andre Crouch, Patti Austin, Bill Gaither, Gretchen Wilson and others, her four-octave soprano voice added rich tones and depth of sound to each artist’s recording. Angela Primm whose gift of song, love of the Gospel and Gospel music has catapulted her, as the Bible says, “before great men.”

Her current and inevitable step as solo artist is the natural progression of a life divinely designed. Angie is also a wife and business woman. True to her down-to-earth personality, she considers her most important achievement to be marrying her soul mate, John Primm. A successful business man as well as fine vocalist himself, he is Angie’s biggest fan, chauffeuring her and caring for her on many of her personal appearances. He knew how to love her 20 years ago and continues to do so to this day. Together, they established “Still Waters, Christian Light Club, Inc.,” a live Christian cabaret that never compromises the Gospel. The fresh and exciting show is a huge hit in Nashville!

Angela was raised in the church by her precious mother, who was also a singer. Angie’s mom would sing the foot-stompin’ and joyful, “Couldn’t Keep It To Myself!” with such fervor, she would often lose her wig; but she would swoop it up and place it back on her head – backwards, and not miss one beat of her favorite song! Church members would laugh and shout right along with her! (Telling this particular memory of her mother makes Angie rear back in laughter herself!) “Couldn’t Keep It To Myself!” is also a favorite song of Gospel legend, Bill Gaither and is featured on Angela Primm’s sophomore project, Sanctuary. This CD along with her debut CD, A Little Bit of Heaven have been selling out wherever Angie performs – from concerts to cruises.

Bill and Gloria Gaither have embraced her as a daughter and always make room for her to sing in their sold-out concerts and Gaither videos. Angie’s beautifully wide smile lights up a room and her fun-filled disposition carry an exuberance that is electric and contagious! Moreover, her anointed and powerful voice makes the cares of this world melt into puddles at your feet. Angela Primm is “a little bit of heaven” to those blessed to know her, or experience her music, her joy, and her wonderful laugh!

What lies ahead for Angela Primm? Her future rests securely in God’s hands. But one thing we know for sure is that wherever Angie goes, and whatever Angie does, she will be giving her heart and soul to the people God loves, for the love of her Lord. That’s the way it was, the way it is, and the way it always will be.