Anthony Davis SGNScoops Fast Five About Thanksgiving

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish ?

1) That’s an easy one…cornbread dressing!  Not stuffing, not out of a box, Moms homemade cornbread dressing.

Did you watch any sports?

2) No sports for me…the only sports fans of the bus are Gary and Jeff, our driver, they keep us more up to date than any of us care to be lol

Did you watch the Macy’s Day Parade?

3) I DID watch the parade, or at least most of it, in between bites lol

Does your family have a tradition on thanksgiving that is special to your family?

4) our only tradition is to eat, much like everyone else’s

Tell us a few of the things that you are thankful for in 2014?

5) I’m thankful that we still live in a county that, for now at least, allows such a day of Thanksgiving, for family and friends, for the guys that i travel with, and for all the many blessings that God gives that are more than im sure I even realize.