Beyond the Song: Greg Sullivan talks about his new album, “Have I Got Good News For You”

Greg Sullivan
Greg Sullivan

Jantina de Haan went Beyond the Song to ask gospel artist Greg Sullivan about the songs off of his album, “Have I Got Good News For You.”

Sullivan says he loves the song, “Just Because.”

“Because I take comfort in the fact that my loved ones are over there cheering me on and they are not really gone, just out of sight for a while,” says Sullivan. “One day I will join them ‘Just Beyond,'”

Sullivan confesses, “But my favorite on the album is ‘Another Child is Coming Home.’

“Seeing God deliver my daughter from a six-year drug addiction that almost took her life, makes the song very special to me. I got to feel what the Prodigal Father felt when his son came home when my daughter called last May and asked, “Daddy can I come home?’ One of the greatest days of my life. Now I am able to give people hope because what God did for my family!”

Greg and Lisa Sullivan
Greg and Lisa Sullivan

Greg Sullivan is a former member of Chronicle and the Harrells. He lives in Holden, Louisiana, with his wife Lisa. They have two children, Kaleigh and Brett. His greatest influence is Ricky Atkinson. For more information on Sullivan and to download his songs, click here.

Sullivan sings his latest release, “Three Nails, Three Days,” from his album, “Have I Got Good News For You.”


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