Beyond the Song: Mark209 sings “My Kind Of People”

Beyond the Song: Mark209 sing "My Kind Of People"


For this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina de Haan Baksteen talks to Mark209 about their release, “My Kind of People.”

The members of Mark209 are: Nathaniel Justice (tenor), Jym Howe (lead), Jimmy Reno (baritone), Joe Lee Armstong, (bass), and Joshua Pope (instrumentalist).

Jantina de Haan Baksteen: For this Beyond the song, it’s Nathaniel Justice and Jimmy Reno who step in to talk to SGNScoops.

JB: Can you tell the readers why the group is called after a mile marker?

Mark209: We took our name from mile marker 209 in Nashville, Tenn. Country music fans know marker 209 is the center of Nashville. It’s the main exit for the Ryman auditorium and for Music Row and Music Square. To Christian fans, Mark209 is thought to be a Bible verse.

For us it’s the heart of Nashville and where we base our ministry.

JB: You travel a lot across the entire country, and have even been to the President’s house. Can you tell us something about that?

Mark209: It was an incredible honor to get to perform for President George H. W. Bush and his family, but more so to be invited into their home on multiple occassions.

Not many have had the honor to be invited into their private home. What made singing for President George H. W. Bush (41), President George W. Bush (43), and their families so special, was when they asked us to sit down and just spend time talking and enjoying the pleasure of their company and swapping stories about life.

It was a surreal moment for all of us.

Then when President George H. W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush attended our concert at a local church in Maine, we were both honored and amazed that they came to hear us again.

Beyond the Song: Mark209 sing "My Kind Of People"

JB: Why is your latest album called Thumbprint?

Mark209: We want to leave our mark on every person we come in contact with, and everyone’s “Thumbprint” is unique. From top to bottom God made each person special.

That’s what makes this world so amazing.

Every song on the album is distinct and yet has a common thread putting it completely in its own category.

JB: Just recently, the third song from Thumbprint was released to radio after “Let The Light So Shine,” and, “You Can Get There From Here!” Now we are hearing the fun song, “My Kind Of People.” Can you tell us why you placed this on your album?

Mark209: Everyone out there can relate to at least one of these characters. We love going to those small towns and singing to people who not only love the Lord but also love one another. So when thinking about what the next single should be, we decided on a song that people can relate to, and you know you remember those hand release motions from your childhood!

JB: A music video was released for “My Kind of People.” What is the message you want to bring to the audience?

Mark209: Every Christian in this world can smile and have fun and still be a Christian!

We as a group want to make people happy; one of the best compliments we got on the video to date was another singer saying that the video is full of great people who love the Lord and love MARK209 and are having fun. That is what we are all about!

JB: Is there something you would like to share that your fans may be unaware of?

Mark209: Traveling in ministry is a calling. It can be challenging for the artists and their families.

Without the unconditional love and support of our spouses, none of us would be able to do what we do.

We are following God’s call on our lives and our wives are the support we need to be able to continue doing it.

Many may also no be aware that we perform annually in maximum security prisons and even recorded a live cd in one.

JB: Any chance you will travel to other countries?

Mark209: We would love to go wherever God calls us! In fact that is one thing we love about this ministry; we go everywhere we are given the opportunity to go. One slogan we coin is: “Prisons to Presidents and everything in-between.”

Thanks Mark209 for sharing your ministy to the readers.

The SGNScoops team wishes you blessings with all the crowds you engage with. And many safe miles serving and share the Gospel!

Enjoy “My Kind of People,” by Mark209.


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