Capstone Quartet featured on SGN Scoops’ Fast Five

Capstone Quartet
Capstone Quartet

SGN Scoops would like to welcome The Capstone Quartet to the Fast Five! The Capstone hails from Gordo, Alabama, singing for almost 25 years and has recorded 20 albums.

The Quartet has had strong ties with the Kingsmen Quartet, and was the home of Bob Sellers for eight years before he joined the Kingsmen. Capstone has had a powerful influence in its home state, as in 2006, the Alabama State House of Representatives adopted Resolution HR490 extending highest commendations to The Capstone Quartet “upon its outstanding accomplishments and utmost desire to bring glory to God.”
Capstone took a bit of an hiatus for a couple of years and then hit the road again in 2014. You will find their sound full and energetic, with the influence of the Kingsmen and other beloved Quartets’ sound well reflected.
The Capstone Quartet’s latest project is entitled Reborn, and it features songs such as: “Damascus Road,” “Where The Milk and Honey Flow,” “I Know What Lies Ahead,” as well as others that showcase the groups’ rich sound and tight harmony.
Let’s hear more from The Capstone Quartet as they respond to SGN Scoops’ Fast Five interview questions!
SGN: Tell us about Capstone. Who are the members and what can we expect if we come see you in a concert or worship service?
CQ: The Capstone Quartet is a regional quartet from Gordo, AL. At the present time we are in search of a tenor singer, but the other members include lead singer and manager Rodney Homan, baritone Preston Corbett and bass Billy Payne. At our services we sing a mixture of old-time Quartet music and also some of today’s Quartet music. We always put Jesus first in our services.
SGN: Tell us how the group got the name Capstone. Is there a story behind the name?
CQ: The Capstone Quartet was formed in 1992 in Tuscaloosa, AL., home of The University of Alabama, also known as The Capstone.
Capstone Quartet
Capstone Quartet

SGN: Tell us what God is doing in your ministry these days.

CQ: God has blessed this group since its beginning. Changes come and go, members come and go, but the Spirit of this group has remained a constant from the start. Our goal is to always put God first in every service we have.
SGN: What advice would you give to a new group getting started?
CQ: Hang in there! Put Jesus first and always know that He will guide you.
SGN: How can we book Capstone and buy your product?
CQ: You can book The Capstone by calling Rodney Homan at 205-454-4508 , find us online at or email us at . We would love to come and worship with you!
You can also find The Capstone Quartet on Facebook, as well as their songs on You Tube.
Thanks so much to The Capstone Quartet for joining us on this edition of SGN Scoops’ Fast Five! It was good to find out more about your ministry. We hope our readers will follow your links and attend your concerts to hear you!
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