Dove Brothers Announce D’vine Relationship

BLADENBORO, N.C. – The Dove Brothers, one of Southern Gospel’s most acclaimed quartets, have teamed up with lifelong friend Ron Taylor, one of North Carolina’s most acclaimed manufacturers, to create an exciting new product known as Dove Brothers “Spreading the Word” Muscadine Grape Jelly, straight from the vineyards of Bladen County.

“It’s made just down the road from where we were born,” McCray Dove notes. “That’s one of the reasons we’re so excited about this. We’ve known Ron all of our lives, and we’re all proud to be Bladen County boys.”
Taylor, whose company, D’vine Foods, produces a prominent line of jams, jellies, toppings and ciders, has delighted in watching the Doves sing their way to prominence, even as they’ve enjoyed watching the success he has attained.
“We’re just hometown boys who delight in the Lord and are grateful to Him for granting us the desires of our hearts,” McCray explained. “It’s been a long time since this kind of partnership took place in our industry, but we feel it’s the right time and the right product.”
Muscadine grapes are more than delicious; high in antioxidants, they are also widely regarded as excellent sources of good health.
“These don’t arrive on a boat from China,” McCray points out. “They’re grown right in our backyard, which makes them seem like home cookin’ to us. But what’s even more important is that the fans who buy our jelly are also going to know they’ll be supporting the American farmer.”
The Doves plan to make “Spreading the Word” jelly available at their product table at the end of every concert, and each jar will be emblazoned with a reference to Proverbs 16:24, just as a constant reminder to them and their fans that it’s the Lord who deserves the glory for the creation of this joint venture.
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“You need harmony in business, just as you need it in song,” McCray said. “And that’s what we have with Ron. This is an association we feel very good about. In addition to offering the sweetest music this side of heaven, we’re now going to be able to offer the sweetest taste, too.”