Driven Quartet Performs at Winston-Salem Dash Game

driven-DASHPopular Southern Gospel group Driven Quartet performed for the Winston-Salem Dash and their fans last week.

The quartet was invited to be a part of Dash’s “Faith and Family Night” on Saturday, August 8, 2009.  The group provided the music and entertainment for the evening’s “Faith & Family Night”.

In addition to Gospel music being presented during the evening by Driven Quartet, Dash team members presented their testimonies as well.

Jason Funderburk of Driven Quartet said, “We had such a blast performing for the Winston-Salem Dash.  We were all wondering how ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ would sound in four-part harmony.  We got to find out ourselves.  We had such a great time!”

The Winston-Salem Dash is the minor league baseball team for the Chicago White Sox.  More information on the Dash can be found at

Driven Quartet recently announced the release of their latest mainline recording.  The new project, simply titled Driven Quartet, released earlier this year and is available to purchase on the group’s website or at ministry and concert events.

The debut single from the album, “Between a Rock & a Hard Place” was written by John Darin Rowsey and Justin Rivers and has done exceptionally well for the group.