A bit of a miracle for Rindy Nehrkorn

J-RNehrkornFrom the Facebook files: Rindy Nehrkorn of The Nehrkorns notified friends on Wednesday evening that she was facing a minor medical procedure the following day to remove a tumor-like mass from her right ear canal.

Twenty four hours later, both Rindy and her husband Justin were spreading a testimony of miraculous healing. Justin says, “[The doctors] went into [Rindy’s] ear, and the ‘tumor-like’ thing they went to remove wasn’t there! Isn’t God awesome!?”

Yes, He is.

Meanwhile, Rindy reports she is back home doing laundry, thankful for all the prayers on her behalf.

The Nerhkorns are based in southern Illinois and have a full concert schedule throughout the fall. More information can be found at http://www.nehrkorns.com or by calling 618-998-4656.