“Family” Unites For The Bowling Family

On-site report by Rhonda Frye

Family, Friends and Fans gathered August 3, 2010 at Trinity Music City Auditorium in Hendersonville TN for a benefit concert in support of The Bowling Family. More than 20 Gospel artists including Karen Peck and New River, The Isaac’s, The Perry’s, Gaither Vocal Band, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, performed for a sold out crowd. Honored guests in the crowd were 4 uniformed, North Carolina police officers who worked the crash scene a little more than a month ago. The purpose of the concert was to raise financial support for the Bowling Family as they recover from their accident. “Part of our family is hurting- they’re in trouble. When part of the body hurts, all of the body hurts.”- Bill Gaither

Throughout the night, the audience was brought to their feet by the music and it’s message. There were also “touching moments” as artists shared personal testimonies of the Bowling’s generosity and goodness. Legendary Ricky Skaggs said in regards to the Bowlings: ” They are salt of the earth people.” The Bowling Children were introduced on stage and later a video taped message of appreciation from Mike, Kelly and Terah was shown. The total amount of financial support is yet to be determined, however a large sum donation was presented, an announcement was made regarding the donation of new microphones and speakers and a love offering was received by participating artists.

When asked his feelings regarding “Family United”, Jason Crabb responded: “Overwhelmed! Tonight was overwhelming due to the caliber of what it took to pull off this event before it even took place. I’m thankful for the work so many people has put in- TBN and Les Butler, especially. Tonight was overwhelming also due to the caliber of artists who took their time to be with us tonight. Artists such as Ricky Skaggs, The Gaither Vocal Band. “Family United” lets us know this Christian Music Industry is who we say we are- It’s deeper than any other. Tonight is a testimony of us living the lyrics we sing.” During Crabb Revival’s performance, Adam Crabb expressed his appreciation and stated: “God has shown His love through you.” In regards to the Bowling’s future, Adam stated: “The best is yet to come. God knows how to make a way when there is no other way.”

There will be a re-broadcast of “Family United” on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 from 6-9 pm est. on solidgospel.com Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made at http://www.bowlingfamilyonline.com/