Feed My Children Tour 2013 with Special Guests Back Home

backhome2Jasper, TN (February 25, 2013) Award Nominated group Back Home has been selected to be the host group for the “Feed My Children Tour 2013”. They will be touring across the country bringing in new Artists along the way including, Back Home, The Nelons, 11th Hour, The Kevin Jones Family, and many more being added.

Back Home manager and singer Jimmy Layne said, “We are thrilled to announce that our artists for the Feed My Children Tour beginning in the month of March will be The Nelons and The Kevin Jones Family. The first concert is set for Friday, March 15th at the Immanuel Baptist Church, in North Augusta, SC, 7:00 pm est and, Saturday, March 16th at the Stevenson Auditorium in Orangeburg, SC at 6:00 pm est.

Our goal with the Feed My Children Tour is to:

Help feed the hungry.

Bring great music for everyone to enjoy.

Give the opportunity for everyone to help others less fortunate than themselves.

Bring communities together to help organizations that have food pantries and stock their shelves so they are able to help more people than ever.

The tour will go to different cities and towns across the country reaching wherever there is a need to call attention to hunger awareness.

Various food pantries and shelters are feeding more people than ever before. These organizations are trying to stretch every pound of food and donations they receive to help as many people as possible. Through this tour, the opportunity will be given to everyone to help restock food shelves and help those who are less fortunate.

Jennifer Layne, wife of Jimmy and singer for Back Home stated, “As we bring good music for you to enjoy, we ask that you bring canned and dry goods to fill the bins as you enter in. All that you are able to bring will be donated to organizations within your own community to help others.”

To host or be considered as an artist for the tour in your city please contact, Sophia Davis @ Adoration Agency, 615-590-7453 or Sophia@adorationagency.com


About Back Home
Back Home is a husband and wife team who not only are great singers, but also inspiring songwriters. Jimmy and Jennifer are no strangers to the music industry. Twenty-six year veterans of vocal session work, they are two of the most sought after background singers in the country and gospel music industries. On any given night you can find Back Home sharing their love for good music, the gospel and their love for the One who has allowed them to live their dreams and sing for Him with audiences and churches all across America.