“Forgive Myself” Finds Place on Industry Charts and In the Hearts of Listeners

Franklin, TN (February 7th 2013) – Mansion Entertainment, label home to GrammyThree Bridges
nominated and Dove Award winning Gospel artists, has enough experience to know when a song
begins to take on a life and persona of its own. Three Bridges newest single “Forgive Myself”,
off their latest album Twelve, is just such a song.

Twelve has been an important number for Three Bridges – Twelve is the title of their newest
project, it describes the number of songs on the album, their number of years in ministry, and
the number of studio albums they have recorded. At a time when the music industry struggles
creatively to capture audiences, Three Bridges has released one of its strongest and most
powerful singles, “Forgive Myself”.

“Forgive Myself” written by John Lemonis and Amy Keffer, stresses the importance of learning
to forgive yourself of past sins just as Jesus does. This strong message hits home with the very
foundation of the Church and has resonated in the hearts of concertgoers and followers of social

Shannon Smith, who sings lead on “Forgive Myself”, stated that “When we perform this song
people are obviously moved by it – you can almost see a healing take place. It’s amazing to see
what God to do through a three or four minute song.”

Shelia Harper, founder of SaveOne Ministry, states, “Forgive Myself is quickly becoming
the theme song for our ministry, SaveOne. We are an abortion recovery ministry and the
line, ‘Mercy has no memory, grace has no regret’ speaks to the very heart of what we’re
about…forgiving ourselves through accepting Jesus’ mercy, grace, and forgiveness. Thank you
to Three Bridges for sharing this song with the world!”

One fan on social media said that the song “Greatly blessed me. I have struggled my entire life to
forgive myself…” Another fan said, “Moving on from the past and learning forgive yourself of
past mistakes is something that everyone struggles with and is relatable to so many.”

“Forgive Myself” debuted on the Singing News Top 80 Chart for March and has already
achieved success on other industry charts. As the popularity and exposure of the song grows, so
does the feedback from fans who hear it.

For more about Three Bridges newest album Twelve, purchasing information, and upcoming
concert dates please visit www.threebridges.net.