Gold Harbor New Project Release Available Now

1gWith all the new technology available, gold harbor of Gallatin Tn has released its long awaited Southern Praise And Worship project to Itunes and many other digital download companies. If you want a super quick delightful sample, go to and hear the great news of this world wide musical ministry. You can also go to and click on the tab “product” and find a direct link there. Its members are Makinsey Kelley absolutely a world class singer that will have you raising your hands to worship all day. Noel Walters brings a depth in spirited toe tapping songs you cant stop singing and telling everyone you know about them. Last but not least J.R. Richards explores songs not usually conveyed in gospel music today with a touching flavor of love and kindness not seen in everyday gospel music. This group is out of the box but still includes standard hymns to bring every age to prayer and celebration. Gold Harbor is a group of today but surges into tomorrow with praise to the King of Kings.