Inheritance and Classic Artists Music Group Announce Music Partnership

InheritanceInheritance is the musical branch of Douglas G Davis Evangelistic Association.  As with all things, the music began with a dream, a want to, and faith.


The dream began in 2001 as Davis felt God’s leading in a new direction for ministry. Davis felt that God was calling him to develop the foundation that would allow him to use both his musical talent and his calling to present the gospel. Two close friends joined him in this endeavor and soon the non-profit ministry Douglas G. Davis Evangelistic Association, Inc. became reality. With the suggestion from the board of directors, the first trio formed by the DGDEA was named Eliana. This trio consisted of Douglas, his daughter, Lauren, and Pam Starr, which was replaced soon after by an alto singer.


Little did anyone know that more changes were coming. Changes came again when Lauren became a mother and the alto singer left to get married. As in life, Davis wondered where the ministry was headed. Changes were still coming. Douglas met Melinda in 2009 at a Redback Church Hymnal singing.  And the saying goes, the rest is history. They were married in June of 2011.



As Douglas and Melinda continued the ministry, a new artist name was chosen: Inheritance. The definition of Inheritance holds great importance for the believer and unbeliever; it carries the powerful meaning of hope. Webster defines Inheritance as something that is or may be inherited; the act of inheriting property; the reception of genetic qualities by transmission from parent to offspring; the acquisition of a possession, condition, or trait from past generations; a valuable possession that is a common heritage from nature. As you can see the promise is one of heritage and the promise to inherit the Kingdom of God. A new phase of ministry began with great anticipation.


Inheritance continues to share the gospel on concert stages, churches, revivals, conferences, and event platforms throughout America. Their brand of gospel music is energetic, filled with rich music and vocal arrangements. With crowd favorite songs to the new interpretative ballads, Inheritance offers a message of hope and encouragement in a troubled world. The impact of an Inheritance concert is felt in the days and weeks after the event. It is uplifting gospel music for today’s world.


Davis shares, “We are not satisfied with our past successes. We want to share the good news today with any and everyone. Our new project, “Love Lifted Me,” offers a variety of music that shares the positive message of Christ. It is really exciting to see what God is doing and what the future holds with our music ministry.


He continues, “Melinda and I have dedicated our lives to this ministry, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ through music, testimonies, and preaching. We pray each day this work is effective and true to its purpose. We spend countless hours searching for songs that will bring the Gospel message to you and through our rehearsals, we work to perfect our harmony. Our family blend is an effort to obtain the sound that will lift you up from your gloom and despair. We pray it will stir your heart to singing praises to the Lord.”


Melinda states, “My sincere desire to those that we minister to is to tell them there is a God that sent His only son to die for them. He didn’t send His son to condemn them but to save them and have a personal relationship with every single person.”



In the 2020 summer, while the Covid-19 Corona Age had set in, talks began with the Classic Artists Music Group concerning the future and direction of Inheritance. As the Corona mandates have changed, the focus on music and ministry is more pronounced than ever.


Davis says, “We are excited to be with a growing company that is focused on doing the right things for ministry. The Classic Artists Music Group has shown in good faith their commitment to work with us to grow our outreach in all areas of our ministry. As we work together, we expect good things as we grow together.”


Charlie Griffin of Classic Artists Music Groups states, “As we have laid our music business foundation, we have worked very hard to be involved with artists who have a clear determination to make a difference in music ministry. The marketplace, our Christian community, and our world is changing, and we must adapt to reach people. Inheritance fits perfectly into our music family. They offer something different with their unique music and vocal arrangements. I think radio is going to love them. I know our Christian community will embrace their sincere heartfelt ministry in music and word.”


The Classic Artists Music Group label, Chime Records, will be home for this talented musical group. The first Inheritance nationwide audio release will be an enthusiastic arrangement of “Love Lifted Me.”


Griffin says, “There is not a song release recently that has this traditional energy playing on today’s radio programs. The musical arrangements have the Harold Lane flare from the Speers. It is nothing but good.”


Classic Artists Records LLC

This late summer release will be at radio stations on the Anytime Music! Anywhere! Summer 2020 Classic Artists Music Group Music CD disc. The compilation disc will be also having individual email support of wave and mp3 audio files sent to music programmers nationwide. The audio release will be supplemented by the Music Programmers Resource links found on

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