Interview with Chris Allman

Mickey Bell, host of This Week in Gospel Music, recently interviewed tenor Chris Allman about his return to Greater Vision. Thanks, Mickey, for sharing it with our readers here, too!

To read the full story of Allman’s return:

Chris Allman Named New Tenor For Greater Vision

Morristown, TN – Chris Allman has been announced as the new tenor for Greater Vision. Many people will remember Chris as the trio’s original tenor, joining the group in December of 1990, and remaining until the end of 1995. “I can’t tell you how excited we are that Chris has chosen to come back on the road. I’ve always said he’s one of the greatest tenors I’ve ever heard, and his passion to share the Gospel is absolutely contagious,” Gerald Wolfe said.

Chris is very excited to be coming back to Greater Vision, as well. “To say that I am thrilled about the opportunity to travel and minister with Gerald and Rodney again would be an understatement. Over the past twenty years, my family and I have sincerely sought God in regards to His perfect will for us and, at times, this is a path that seems to be indefinable. I am very careful when it comes to mentioning the Lord synonymously with a decision I am making but I am sure that this is a door that He has opened to us. While returning to the ministry of Greater Vision finds us excited it also serves as a bittersweet experience regarding our departure from the church we’ve served over the past seven years. As you pray for the future of this great ministry of music please also take the time to pray for The Church @ Burlington. The days ahead will find the leadership there making very important decisions, but as their ears are tuned toward Heaven, I’m sure the way will be made clear for them.” Chris said.

Rodney Griffin said, “We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to travel with Chris again. We’ve kept our friendships strong over the last fifteen years, while he’s been involved in another ministry, so having him back on the bus brings us full circle.”

Several close friends have already expressed their excitement as well, including Scott Fowler, of Legacy Five, who said “I am very excited that Chris is coming back! He is one of my all-time favorite tenors, and I always loved hearing him sing with Greater Vision”. Michael Booth, of the Booth Brothers also commented, “I’m so happy about this! Chris Allman is a man of God who has proven his commitment to the Gospel through the years. Now he returns to Greater Vision, and they will, no doubt, produce music that will raise the standard of how the Gospel should be presented in the form of music. “.

“We are always amazed at how good God is to us, and for Him to allow Chris, Rodney, and me to travel together again is just another example of the Lord blessing us more than we deserve. We are so blessed!” Gerald said.

Chris said, “I am looking forward to seeing many of your familiar faces once again and, along with Gerald and Rodney, thank you for your continued support of this ministry. We believe that our best days are ahead of us!”

Chris Allman’s first concert with Greater Vision will be on Wednesday April 21 in Myrtle Beach, SC.