Josh Townsend needs our prayers

Pray For Josh Townsend

Josh Townsend is the pianist for Legacy Five. At 23, he already has a large following and is one of the best pianists in gospel music. Many know that Josh had a difficult beginning as his mom suffered abuse while carrying him. This caused multiple health serious health issues, and although the hand of the Lord has moved mightily in his life, he still has some difficulties. Early last year, Josh suffered seizures, and in February of 2020, he celebrated a full year seizure-free.

Phil Pugh of Southern Ontario, Canada, reported this afternoon:

Please send up some prayers for a friend in the gospel music industry; Josh Townsend had a seizure today and could use them, thanks.


Legacy Five with Scott Fowler at the helm
Legacy Five

This is all we know at this time. Please keep Josh Townsend and his brothers in Legacy Five in your prayers.