Michael Combs Transplant Fund

Michael Combs Transplant Fund
Michael Combs Transplant Fund

Twenty four years ago on September 9th, 1991 Michael underwent a Liver transplant in Omaha, Nebraska at The University of Nebraska Medical Center. Michael’s Liver is still doing great! He has traveled this Country for over twenty-five years with his wife Denise singing The Gospel and sharing his story.

Unfortunately, the anti-rejection medicine that Michael has taken every day for the last twenty-four years has destroyed his kidneys.

In September (2015) Michael was diagnosed with “stage V” chronic kidney disease with his kidney function at 14%.

For the last several weeks Michael has been undergoing an evaluation process at Wake Forest Medical in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He has been thoroughly checked over from head to toe!

Michael was notified Friday (12-11-15) by Wake Forest that he was officially on the list now to receive a kidney transplant. Praise The Lord!

Michael was advised by Wake Forest Medical at the start of his evaluation process that a “living donor” would be the best case scenario for him. As you can imagine, dialysis would not only be very hard on his body but would prevent him from doing what he loves to do…..traveling and singing for The Lord.

Michael and his team at Michael Combs Ministries asked people to pray about this need for a donor kidney via his Facebook page. The response has been overwhelming and very humbling. Many “donor” packets were mailed out to people who wanted to give Michael a kidney. Wake Forest is going through the packets and will have to evaluate “potential” donors.

Many others have contacted Michael Combs Ministries by Facebook, email, cards, letters and phone calls asking what they could do to help.

Michael has been singing on a very limited schedule for a few months now. For the last month he has not traveled or sung at all. He tires very easily and doesn’t have the strength he would like to have. Michael has trusted The Lord for over 25 years to provide for him and his family. God has been faithful and we believe He will continue to supply our needs through the support of all those who believe in the ministry and work of Michael Combs Ministries.

Even though Michael has insurance (that he pays dearly for) he will have very costly medical bills. (which are already coming in from the evaluation process) He will have to be on anti-rejection medicine for the rest of his life (which again Insurance won’t totally pay for). There will still be the normal monthly bills that most of us have (mortgage, food, utilities, etc..). After transplantation he will not be traveling for 12 weeks or more. In addition to all of this….The donor (the one giving Michael one of their Kidneys) will need help. They too will need a little time to recuperate. They could miss six to eight weeks of work. Their time off-work would be without pay. We would need to provide transportation for them to and from the Hospital. They will need food and a place to stay temporarily. We want to take very good care of them. After what they are willing (and wanting) to do for Michael, we feel it’s the very least we could do. I’m sure you would agree.

We have set up this account to raise funds for all of the above. We ask that you pray about what you can donate. We humbly ask that you share Michael’s story….his Music….his Ministry with everyone that you know. Share it with your friends, family and co-workers. Share Michael’s need with all of your Facebook friends and email contacts. To donate please go to this website https://www.gofundme.com/hhfgvj5g or send to Michael Combs Ministries, PO Box 7, Deep Gap, NC 28618, phone (336.877.4544)
Maybe Michael Combs Ministries has had a personal impact on you. Maybe a Michael Combs song has been a blessing to you at some point in your life when you really needed it. Maybe you would just like to support a Ministry that has a burning desire to be used of God.

Would you prayerfully consider contributing to this fund? Any amount would be appreciated. If you can not contribute, we understand and ask for your continued prayers.

Thank you all for your love, prayers and support!

Denise Combs
(Wife and Vice-President of Michael Combs Ministries Inc.)