New Music From the Harper Family

What is so great about family bands? They always seem to have a natural chemistry and the ability to fit together just right. Bluegrass has a tradition of great family groups, from the Carter Family to Cherryholmes. In this tradition, where great music is the norm, The Harper Family rises to the top. They exemplify what is so magical about a fine family Bluegrass outfit; seamless playing and singing and an effortless blend that make complex music seem easy.

But this group from Missouri has something extra. They can do all of the above better than most in the business. This first major release, Changes, is a stunning recording with a perfect mix of all Gospel songs that spotlight the incredible talent of this group.

Changes grabs your attention immediately with the opening mandolin/guitar duel on “Salt and Light.” From an epic rendering of “King’s Ransom” to a creative remake of the classic “I’ll Live Again,” this project will make Southern Gospel fans love their sound and bluegrass fans love their message.

We think you will agree—the Harper Family is the future of Gospel Bluegrass!

Changes will be available August, 21 at Crossroads, iTunes, and Amazon. You can preview samples here.