New Single Featuring Firm Foundation, With Special Guest, Donna Beauvais, Released To Radio


Nashville, TN (August 31, 2010) – A brand new single from energetic and talented quartet, Firm Foundation, with special guest, Donna Beauvais, arrived at radio early last week.  The single, which is debuting on airwaves all across the country, is a follow up to their first release, “Already On My Knees,” from the album Footsteps Of Life.
Beauvais not only sang on the release (per the urging of the group ‘s lead singer, Steve Bridgmon), she also produced the album.  She may be remembered for her years with, family trio, Hope’s Call.  The group was known for soaring harmonies and dynamic vocal deliveries.  She has been producing for 10 years and has had multiple award nominations for producer of the year, as well as, significant success with forwarding the careers of independent artists in Christian music.
Bridgmon expressed “When it came up almost two years ago that former Hope’s Call, Donna Beauvais, was living, working, and producing in Nashville, TN, I knew immediately she was the person we needed to work with. She has a reputation of getting the most out of a group and I knew she was well respected in the industry and able to help us move forward as a ministry. Once the songs were decided upon and tracks were made,  I approached Donna about the possibility of having someone join us on one of the songs as a duet. She had no idea that we actually had her in mind. We bounced a few Gospel and Country music names around to see what her reaction would be. Finally, we told her that we’d rather have her sing with us on the album than any other artist.  I seriously think she was taken aback. You see, I’d been a huge fan of Hope’s Call from a few years back and they (in my opinion) were the most vocally sound trio on the road at that time. Donna is absolutely brilliant in the studio and we are totally thrilled that she sang with us on this song,”
Kyle Dowden of KWFC in Springfield, MO said he is loving the new single.  “I thought the Firm Foundation song was a catchy tune with a memorable hook. Oh, and Donna Beauvais sings like an angel on it.” 
Beauvais shared, “I truly love working with Firm Foundation.  I was pretty surprised when they asked me to join them on one of their songs, but I was also very honored.  A friend and fellow co-writer, Ben Storie, wrote this song, ‘Nothing Better To Do,’ Ben writes for Daywind Publishing’s Christian Taylor division. I love this tune for its fresh outlook on the blessings of life, and its honest lyric, that expresses why God is deserving of all our praise.  It made me smile from the first time I heard the demo.  What a JOY to have had the privilege of singing it with Steve and the rest of the group!”
To hear “Nothing Better To Do” or to learn more about Firm Foundation, visit  You can instantly download the album, Footsteps Of Life, on iTunes today.