UPDATE: Prayer Request: Spoken 4 Involved in Major AccidentATE

We just received word from group co-manager Jon Charles Taggart that bass singer Cecil Stringer and baritone singer, Jeremy Wilkerson have been hospitalized for injuries sustained in the horrible crash that has totaled their touring van and merchandise trailer.

Jon Charles says, “Cecil has a broken hand and frostbite, Jeremy appears to have broken his foot.”

We will get any more information as it becomes available. The guys are thanking the Lord for His hand of protection. As you can imagine it will be a difficult physical and financial road for them in the immediate future. Their van and trailer, which held their equipment and product was totaled. Please continue to remember them in your prayers.
From Lamp Music Group: We just received word from members of Spoken 4 Quartet that they were involved in a massive 30+ car pileup on I-70 near Casey, IL.
Preliminary details are that as they crested a hill they unavoidably ran into the multi-vehicle pileup directly rear ending a Semi truck.
Bass singer, manager Cecil Stringer just reported to our office, “the road was slick and there was no way to avoid the impact. Just as soon as we hit, I screamed out to the rest of the guys to get out of the vehicle. Then just as we scrambled out of the vehicle another Semi came over the hill and flattened our van!”
Cecil also shared that several of the men have suffered broken bones. The most serious injuries were sustained by baritone singer Jeremy Wilkerson.
During the accident their equipment trailer was separated from their touring van and has not been recovered yet.=
More information will be made available as it comes into the Lamp Music offices.
Artist website: spoken4qt.com