Redeemed Quartet Adds New Members

We have received confirmation that nationally known tenor and former member of the Mystery Men Quartet, Chad Riley has accepted the tenor position and will be joining the Redeemed Quartet ministry team for the 2011 Save America Tour.

Rodger Speegle has accepted the lead position. He is best known for the several years he sang with Naomi and the Segos. Rodger said he is ready to get back on the road after several things happened in his life this year. Rodger will head up the newly added live music portion of the program.
Ken Maynor, baritone, said, “Working with these two men that have spent several years in full time ministry will be a pleasure.” It seems that these two guys will fit right in! The “humor mill” is still rolling; we laugh almost as much as we sing every time we get together.”
Lonnie Walker, bass singer and group manager, said, “ By adding these two extremely talented men, Chad’s very high tenor voice and Rodger’s perfect pitch lead will bring a new sound to Redeemed Quartet and hopefully God will use us to reach even more souls on our 2011 Save America Tour.” For booking information contact Lonnie @ 423-645-5592 or our agency at