SGN Scoops Fast Five with Ivan Parker and his new CD Threads of Mercy

threads_of_mercySGN Scoops: What does the word “Mercy” mean to you?

Ivan: He truly gifted all of us with mercy upon the cross that day, if we will just receive it! Instead of me having to die, He took my place upon the cross. God grants me mercy with forgiveness and shows me compassion everyday because I am His child. His threads of mercy are woven throughout my entire life. Instead of me getting what I so often deserve, He protects and watches over me. The favor of God is a blessing that I see in this ministry all the time. He has shown mercy to me and my family for which I am very thankful for beyond words.

SGN Scoops: You are known as Mr. Midnight Cry. Is there a song on this album that could be the next “Midnight Cry”?

Ivan: I appreciate and respect this title with so much gratitude and honor! I can’t say at this time that there is another “Midnight Cry” in Gospel Music period. This is a once in a lifetime song so to speak. I do know that there are some incredible songs on this CD that could run a close second. When I am reviewing songs, I always ask God to bring the message in a song that provides ministry for the church as a whole. That is why the “Midnight Cry” had such a tremendous impact on the church community. The right message at the right time. A lady asked one night at a concert, “How long are you going to keep singing that song?” I said, “Until the event takes place!”

SGN Scoops:If you were to sing with a quartet again, who would be in your ‘fantasy four’?

Ivan: My first choice would be the original Gold City with Brian Free, Ivan Parker, Mike LeFevre, Tim Riley. My second choice would be Steve Ladd, Bill Shivers, Ivan Parker, Jeff Chapman. Either combination would make you want to sing a little harmony with some big endings!

SGN Scoops: Speaking of “Threads,” where do you like to purchase your clothes?

Ivan: I get a lot of my clothes from Bachrach and Sammy Motsinger. Normally if I see things that I like I piece things together from various stores just to make it interesting.

SGN Scoops: In 140 characters or less, what is the message of this album?

Ivan: My prayer was to cover life situations Christians may experience and bring light to the truth: God’s presence remains constant and everlasting.


Ivan Parker releases Threads of Mercy today, January 20, 2015. This is his latest record on the Horizon label.

Ivan Parker has won every vocalist award possible over the years, first as a quartet singer and then as a soloist. His ministry is just that – a ministry which reaches thousands of people every year. Can there be any doubt he is the premier singer in gospel music. Everyone at Horizon Records is honored to have him on our label.” – Mickey Gamble, President, Horizon Records

Threads of Mercy – Track List

  1. Till The Shackles Fall Off
  2. Don’t Hang Your Head and Cry
  3. God’s in the Middle Of It
  4. Silent Prayer
  5. When Heaven Shakes the House
  6. This Is How We Know
  7. On the Solid Rock I Stand
  8. He Touched Me
  9. Wings
  10. How Much Longer


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