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Heart's Song
Heart’s Song
Heart's Song
Heart’s Song

Time for another edition of SGN Scoops’ Fast Five and this time we talk with male trio Heart’s Song from North Carolina. The current line up of Heart’s Song has been together since 2009, solidifying a sound that is bringing accolades from listeners across the nation. The group recently were featured at the Creekside Gospel Music Convention where they gained many new fans with their close harmony and honest delivery.

Heart’s Song records with Chapel Valley and have released a single with an unusual title that is drawing lots of attention. Join us as we find out more about this unique trio in this SGN Scoops’ Fast Five.

SGN: Tell us how the group got the name Heart’s Song.  Is there a story behind the name?

HS: In 1998, three young men had a dream to spread the word that was hidden in their hearts as children. They wanted everyone to see and feel this love of Jesus Christ. So a trio was born from a slogan: ‘We have a song to sing from our heart, our Heart’s Song.’
SGN: Can each of you guys share your testimony with us?

Namon Bullard,Lead Vocal, Manager: Mom and Dad were ministering before I was born, so as a child I would hide behind my sister and sing louder than anyone. I got saved at a revival at the age of nine. I remember that like it was yesterday; it was on a Wednesday night. I’ve not always been perfect,but still He choose me to do His work. Wow! That still gets me even now. After running for many years, I accepted the call to preach in 2007. Many souls have been saved, lives changed, hearts mended, Devils cast out and we have even seen some miracles. It’s all in Jesus’ Name; He does the work and we are willing.

Scotty Chavis, Baritone: I traveled with my family’s group from birth, The McNeills, and started playing the drums for them as a little boy. I was saved at the age of seven years old. I knew there was more I could do. I wanted to sing like my Papa, so I started my own group with my cousin called The Chavis Brothers. We did a lot of singing all over for a while. Then God opened the door for me to join Heart’s Song, and until this day I’ve known I’m where He wants me, with a great group of guys that love the Lord. It’s all about Jesus.

Allen Jones, Tenor: A ‘foundation for the group,’ is what the guys say,but I’m just a willing vessel wanting to tell everyone about Jesus and the change He made in me. Saved at a young age, I drifted off from the Lord. I found myself as a prodical son; but thanks be to God for His mercy and grace. So I had to do something for Him for all He’d done for me. I had sung with my family for years and played the drums for a couple of groups, but this time I was different. This is my calling: Heart’s Song.


Heart's Song at Creekside 2015
Heart’s Song at Creekside 2015

SGN: Tell us about your current radio single and how you are seeing God use it in your services.

HS: Our current single is “Drug Me,” our most requested song. It’s true: our mama’s drug us to church! Everyone can relate to the song. After we sing it many times, you will see young people go and hug the parent that drug them to church!


SGN: What are some goals for Heart’s Song for 2016?

HS: Heart’s Song’s goal for 2016, and always, is: Go ye to all nations, spreading the news of Jesus Christ, north, south, east or west. We will go in Jesus’ Name!


SGN: How can we book Heart’s Song and buy your product?

HS: You can book Heart’s Song at 910-374-4000 or email heartssongnc@yahoo.com.

Be sure to visit Heart’s Song’s website to see their schedule, listen to their music and contact them for more information. You can also find Heart’s Song on Facebook. Watch for more on this group and their latest single, “Drug Me.”


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