SGNScoops’ Wacky Wednesday talks about Facebook, hobbies and writers

Wacky Wednesday title
It’s Wacky Wednesday time!

SGNScoops’ Wacky Wednesday with gospel artists returns this month with some interesting questions for our panel. Special thanks to our friend Jantina de Haan for collecting all of these great answers.

Clayton Inman
Clayton Inman of Triumphant

As you know, Wacky Wednesday features questions that you might not find in regular artist interviews and answers that you might not see printed anywhere else…

Today we hear responses from Josh Jordan of the Jordan Family Band, Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision, Wendy Hayes of the Mylon Hayes family, Corey Pearson of the Diplomats, Bob Sellers of the Old Time Preachers Quartet (formerly of the Kingsmen), Pat Barker of the Guardians, Clayton Inman of Triumphant, and Jaquita Lindsey of 11th Hour.

Jaquita Lindsey
Jaquita Lindsey of 11th Hour

We are giving them four questions: Favorite hobby you never have time to do; first post showing on your Facebook news feed; favorite devotional author; and favorite songwriter any genre.

Are you ready? Here we go. In no particular order…

Josh Jordan: 1. How is a it a hobby if you never get to do it? My fav hobby is fishing with my family. 2. Randa Jordan (little heart image). 3. I’ve never read a book all the way through. I’d rather go fishing. 4. (King) David, his Psalms are off the charts.

Bob Sellers Joins Old Time Preachers Quartet
Bob Sellers

Gerald Wolfe: 1. Drive through the mountains. 2. Right now, it’s happy birthday to Kimberley Allman (Chris’ wife). 3. Oswald Chambers. 4. Fanny J. Crosby.

Wendy Hayes: 1. Scrapbooking. 2. It is one from the last couple of days, where our family sang and we had so many precious kids come that love gospel music. 3. Priscilla Shirer. 4. Rebecca Peck.

Corey Pearson: 1. Fish and ride four wheelers. 2. Today it was something about the government, so I probably over looked it. 3. That’s a hard one. Most anything by Dr. Johnny Hunt. 4. Dianne Wilkinson, Sonya and Becky of the Isaacs, and Chris Tomlin.

Wendy and Mylon Hayes
Wendy and Mylon Hayes

Bob Sellers: 1. Fish, hunt, camp. Anything outdoors. 2. Lee and Rebekah Mitchell in photos with some group called Gold City. 3. Gary Larson (Far Side). 4. Merle Haggard.

Pat Barker: 1. Sleep. 2. I only do mySpace. 3. Holy Spirit. 4. Dottie Rambo.

Clayton Inman: 1. Golf. 2. A picture post. 3. Max Lucado. 4. Scotty Inman.

Jordan Family Band
Josh Jordan with the Jordan Family Band

Jaquita Lindsey: 1. Be crafty, paint. 2. I don’t ever look at any news. 3. Jentezen Franklin.  4. Jonathan Cain.

Were any of these answers surprising to you? Let us know if you liked this week’s Wacky Wednesday feature and tell us what you would ask your favorite artist.

Pat Barker
Pat Barker

Stay tuned next time for another Wacky Wednesday.

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Corey Pearson of the Diplomats
Corey Pearson of the Diplomats
Gerald Wolfe and Greater Vision
Gerald Wolfe and Greater Vision

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