Soul’d Out is asking for prayer.

Soul'd Out is asking for prayer.
Soul’d Out is asking for prayer.

We had someone work on the bus all day yesterday but unfortunately had to cancel our concert last night. Yesterday about 7:00pm we left Teays Valley, WV and headed south to try and make our Sunday dates.
We made it about an hour south when the air system in our bus started doing the exact thing that held us up before.
To add to it, we drove right into the winter storm that hit Virginia and North Carolina.

Right now, we are sitting in Virginia at a Walmart trying to figure out a plan to either make it to our dates or try and get home.

Obviously, not only are we racking up hefty repair bills, but also having to cancel dates creates quite a burden financially.

We’re just asking all of our prayer warrior friends to pray. Pray that the right connections would take place that we could not only get the bus fixed, but make our remaining dates. If not, the means to get the guys home to their families.

If anyone in the Galax, Va are would have a 15 passenger van that we could borrow, that would be such a blessing.

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